Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card- Spiderman

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post! I have been so busy, with the kids back in school and sports and everything else! I wanted to share some exciting news about Autumn! Her cheer coaches asked her to be the Head Cheerleader for the squad today! She has been around cheerleading her whole life! I was a cheerleader in Jr High and High School, and I had her right after High School, so I was always teaching her cheers and bringing her to football games and pep rallies! :) So I really think she will be a great leader in her squad!

Well, I wanted to share a card I made a couple of weeks ago. A friend of ours had a birthday and he said he was going to be 27 again for the 15th time! So when I saw Kelley post this card, I knew I had to make something similar! He really LOVES comic books and Spiderman, so we bought him a Spiderman T-shirt and I made a card to match! I copied some pictures out of Chace's Spiderman book and I tried to draw webs on 27, I don't really know if I succeeded! :) Sorry for the junky pictures, they were taken late at night on top of the stove again! :) It's pretty simple, but I guess that works good for a guy card! Well I'm off to bed, I have to go to the eye dr. for a yearly eye exam after I drop the kids off to school in the morning. I am totally out of contacts, these I have on, are only lasting on prayers! :) Then I'm off to do a little craft shopping! I hope to do some challenges tomorrow, maybe with some of the stuff I will get tomorrow! :)


Paper: white, red and blue cardstock

Accessories: Letter's cut from Cricut, pictures copied from Spiderman book, white gel pen

Have a Blessed night!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Congratulations to Autumn! That is awesome... I am sure she is so excited and you are a proud mama! I was a total tomboy and always played sports but my best friends were cheerleaders and I loved them for cheering me on!

Such a cute card! Well... such a great manly card... I guess I shouldn't call it cute, right? :) Thanks for the shout out! :) I think you totally succeeded with the web on the 27... looks very spidermanish! :)

Christina Smith said...

Hahaha! I love it...27 again! Cute card, Winter!

Maureen said...

So fun!! I love making a card that picks up on the receiver's life :) Congrats to your daughter :)

Peet said...

love this fun!!!!!!

~kelly marie~ said...

This card is super fun! Congrats to Autumn! THat is so exciting!