Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cards for Healing

Hey everybody!
We are now in our new home! Woo Hoo! We moved in April 2013 and we LOVE it! (I'll try and post pics soon, if anyone wants to see them.) The only thing I don't like, is that we have no internet because we are WAY out in the woods! I'm sure we could get a wireless cell phone card or a slower internet. But I'm so use to unlimited high speed internet, that I think it would just make me mad to have something slow or only use so many GB! So I have to come to my old house, which is now our new office for our A/C business, to use the computer. Anyway, not that it's like the end of the world or anything, but it does make it harder to make blog posts or edit pics!
Which is the reason I'm late on posting about this. I was contacted by one of the hospitals that we donate cards to for the Card Drive a couple of months ago, asking if I could make Congrats & Happy Birthday cards for the children, when they have Birthdays in the hospital or they give them a Congrats card, when they are being released from the hospital and they have them a party! So sweet! It really touched my heart, for this opportunity! It's like it was cards that represented Healing! And I LOVED that! So of course I said Yes! :)
They needed cards in English, Spanish, and French Creole! I only had English covered!!! So with the help of Google, I found out how to say those words in French Creole (I hope) :), and I contacted a very sweet friend, Giovana, for the Spanish words. I messaged her and asked if she could send me the words and she said yes. But a few days later, I received 2 brand new Spanish stamp sets in the mail! How sweet is that?! She even translated all of the stamps for me, because I didn't pay attention in Spanish class in High School! LOL! ;)
The stamp sets came from Latina Crafter. They were SO cute and really good quality! They don't just carry Spanish stamps, they have English too! If any of you were like me and you didn't own any Spanish stamps, you really should check out their store and order you some! You never know when you might need some! :)
They were also so kind, as to be Sponsors this year for the "Cards from the Heart Card Drive"! So send in those cards and get a chance to win a Gift Card from their store! :)

Here are a few cards that I made and using their stamps and some other stamps as well.

(Latina Crafter stamps- sentiment, party hat, balloons ; PTI- puppy ; Practicing Creativity-banner.) I wish you could see how cute the balloons are with the glossy accents added! :)
 (Latina Crafter- sentiment ; PTI- cupcake;  Skipping Stones Designs- candle ; Practicing Creativity- banner.)
 (Latina Crafter- sentiment, balloons, party hat, cupcake ; Practicing Creativity- banner ; PTI- owl)
 (Latina Crafter- sentiment, balloons, party hat ; PTI- cat ; Practicing Creativity- banner)
 (Latina Crafter- sentiment ; Skipping Stones Designs- cake & candle)
 (Latina Crafter- sentiment ; PTI- flowers & leaves)

Thanks so much, Giovana & Latina Crafter, for helping my dream of helping kids, come true even more!
P.S. Don't forget to check out the Card Drive & the Sponsor page, I've added more prizes! :)
ETA (The "Cards for Healing" is not a Card Drive. It is just a name I gave the blog post for these cards I made a few months ago. I didn't want there to be any confusion about these cards and the Card Drive for Valentine cards. So PLEASE don't send Congrats or Birthday cards! I am ONLY accepting Valentine cards!) Thanks!


Giovana said...

You are so sweet, Winter. I am glad Latina Crafter helped you and will bring a smile to all the kids.
Many blessings!

~amy~ said...

These are awesome Winter!

Lore Harris Olmedo said...

Woooow very cute!!!

Johnna said...

Will you be collecting the congrat cards at a later time or will they be sent with the Valentines?

Mary-Anne V said...

Wonderful cards...that is so kind of Giovana!

Trina said...

Those are really cute!