Saturday, January 4, 2014

Valentine Scooter Card

Hey everybody! Well it's Saturday and we are enjoying our last weekend of Christmas break, before the kids have to go back! :( Which means my break from making the kids lunches in the morning, is over! :) I really do love them being home, but I do like getting our routine back! Although Autumn has had basketball practice or a game, just about everyday of the break! :/ So really, we didn't get much of a break! But anyway, they are only kids once, so we enjoy the time we have watching them play sports! :) 

But anyway, on to the card. :)  Here's another simple card using Paper Smooches Spiffy Scooters. I love these little scooters and it really can be used for a girl or boy, which is Great for this Card Drive! :) 
I have had a several emails from card makers, telling me that they have already gotten started on their cards, and that is Great! I'm so excited to start seeing them all! :) Don't forget to send me a link if you post them on your blog. I would like to stop by and see them and say Hi! :) Ok, well I well see ya'll tomorrow! :)

Have a Blessed weekend!,


Andrea W said...

Here is a link to the first card I made and my post about the card drive. Stop by if you have time.

Trina said...

Fun card!

I just barely started a new blog today. I posted the first of my cards today on it:
I would love for you to stop by.

I'm glad you are doing this card drive again!

Barb Ghig said...

Hi Winter,
Thank you so much for sharing your cards so we can get ideas for our own! Here is the link to one of the cards I created for the Card Drive...there are many more :-)

God Bless You for taking the time and trouble to organize everything...Thank you so much!

Barb Ghig