Thursday, January 30, 2014

Love is in the Air

Hey everybody! It has been a CRAZY week here in Texas! We have had 2 snow days, only a few days apart! It NEVER snows here, so it's got all of Texas going Crazy! :) So since we have had snow days, I been able to stay home and get TONS of work done on the Card Drive! So I'm very happy about that! The cards have been pouring in, Thank ya'll SO much for that! 

But I have been a little busier with some of the cards that were sent in! I thought my guidelines and rules were pretty specific, but I'm guessing I need to make them even more specific next year?! Don't get me wrong, some of them were exactly right,  but some of them had last names, the town they lived in, get well soon, praying for you, ect. It is suppose to have your first name and state you live in ONLY! No last names, town you live in, get well or anything religious (I don't think I had that listed on the rules this year, that's my mistake, but it has been mentioned in the years past) and no blog addresses (they aren't suppose to be able to contact you.) These are not MY rules, but the hospitals. I want to go by their rules, so they will allow us to send them for years to come. I won't throw any of those cards away, so I have had to fix them, so they do go by the rules, and you can imagine how time consuming that is, along with everything else there is to do! By no means am I complaining about getting cards, I'm just trying to make this a fun project, because right now, trying to figure out how to fix cards...isn't fun to me! So PLEASE read the rules very carefully next year. 
Ok, off my soapbox! Here's some cards! :)

Check the Sponsor page, I have been updating it too. If you haven't shipped your cards, don't! Because I don't think they will get here in time. I will be shipping cards tomorrow and the rest on Monday, so if I don't get your cards in time, they will be saved for next years Card Drive. 
Ok, I better go, I have TONS of work to do! 



Teresa Godines #6857 said...

I hope my package arrived today.

I do think that my son put his last name in one of the cards. Since we did not include our city I did not correct it but I don't believe there is more. I could be wrong. We will be more careful next year.

Andrea W said...

LOVE your hot air balloon cards! They are super cute.

Hopefully my package arrived to you earlier in the week. I really appreciate all your time and effort you put into the card drive. I have fun making the cards for the kids. Thanks!!!

Lisa Petrella said...

Cute cards, Winter! I love how the clouds are filled with hearts! So sweet! Thanks again for organizing this awesome card drive! I always have so much fun making cards for the kiddos!!!

~amy~ said...

Super cute and fun cards! I hope I did my card okay :)

Trina said...

Sorry for the extra work you've had to do. I don't recall seeing you mention specifically not to put the city in the card until this post.

Loly Borda said...

I apologize for the extra work I put you into, I wrote my hometown and state, sorry. Thanks so much for all you do!

Andrea6760 said...

Winter, Im so sorry that I put my city on my cards and always sign the back of my cards with my full name. I obviously misunderstood the rules. When I participated in the recent Christmas cards for the nursing home patients, our names and city were part of those rules and I just thought it would be the same. I am so sorry if I caused you extra work. I really enjoyed making the cards and look forward to next year.