Thursday, January 9, 2014

Praying for Ava's family

Hello everybody! I'm here today with a heavy heart, as I hear about a sweet little girl, Ava, who lost her life to cancer this morning! :'( I don't know Ava or her family, as I have only heard about her from Facebook, but it still hurts my heart to hear about it. 

It's never easy to hear about someone passing away with cancer, but when it's a little child, it makes it even more horrible! These precious children are what give me the drive to make this Card Drive successful! All the hard work, emails, sorting  and packing cards, and everything else that goes into the Card Drive, is nothing compared to what those kids and parents are going through! And if I can help them in some small way, by them opening up a Valentines card when they are in the hospital, fighting for their's all worth it to me! So I want to Thank you all, for your time that you spend on making the cards and sending them in. These kids and their parents appreciate it SO much! <3 font="" nbsp="">
Please continue to pray for Ava's family and for all the children who are fighting for their life to! 


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Mary-Anne V said...

So sad to hear about Ava. I will keep her and her family in our prayers. Thanks Winter for doing this drive...I am sure it touches these families in ways we can not even imagine!