Saturday, March 5, 2011

Handmade Gifts for Hayden & Hannah

Hey everybody! Well it has been a loonnnggg day for me! Chace is still playing All Star basketball and they have been doing tournaments every weekend. He had a game last night and they won and then they had to be at the gym (about 30 mins from where we live) at 7:30 am this morning and they won that game. We had to go back to our town and pick Autumn up at her friends house and then had to go back to the gym and they played again at 1:00 pm! They didn't win that game, we played the same team at last weekends tournament and lost to them then too. That team goes to Nationals every year and wins first place, except last year, they got 2nd place. So it is great practice for us to play against them! But they played a great game today! :)
Oh, and on yesterday's game, Chace's good friend Cameron, fell and landed on his mouth and BROKE his front tooth off! It looks BAD! He came with a mouth piece on for today's games and he will be visiting the dentist Monday! Poor thing! :( But he was a great sport about it! He looks like he's been playing hockey instead of basketball! :)
I started having a sore throat yesterday and it just got worse as the night went on! I didn't get much sleep because it was hurting so bad! I woke up this morning and my uvula was BIG (bigger than the normal big)! It did go down a lot after taking Advil, but my throat is still hurting! So I guess I got Strep from my kids from 2 weeks ago! So I'm praying I get in the Dr. Monday and get some meds! I can't stand a sore throat! :(

So on to the crafty stuff. Here are some gifts I made for a friend's sweet twin girls (Hayden & Hannah) for their B-Day's. We are the Warriors at school and my friend is the girls High School Basketball Coach. So they wear these outfits to the games to watch their Momma coach! :) I made them both a shirt and hair bow and I bought basketball type pants to go with it. Here are the little cards I made for them.Well the kids went to stay at their grandmas house with some of their cousins, so me and Chance are laying around watching TV and on our laptops. He went and picked me up cough drops and 3 different kinds of ice cream for my throat. :)

Have a Blessed night!



Amanda Winkelman said...

Adorable Shirts, cute cards, and a prayer that your throat feels better really fast!

Anita Rex said...

Hi Winter! Great set! Love that orange! Is your throat still hurting? Someone told me and I find that it really helps is to drink apple cider vinegar with water, sour enough but not too sour. It really works but is gross! If you can get apple cider vinegar from a health food store even better. :>

Safdar Ali said...

so beautiful shirts. looking so nice. and our prayers are with you.

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