Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Christmas...Yes, Christmas in March!

Hey everybody! I forgot to share this card with you. I made it for my sweet friend Kelley for Christmas. Yes, it's a Christmas card in March! :)

The sketch idea came from a talented friend of mine, Maureen! She make Amazing cards and intrudced me to Verve stamps. So I ordered some of their stamps and decided to use them on this card. Thanks Maureen, your work is SO inspiring to me! :) I love these Beautiful stamps and this color combo!

Have a Blessed day!



Tenia Nelson said...

This card is gorgeous!!!!

Christiana said...

How pretty! And hey, this is Winter Wonderland, right? You can have Christmas in here anytime you like! Lol. Love that pink and blue!

Valentina Fussell said...

Christmas is good anytime! I love this!!