Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss You card

Hey everybody! I miss you! :) It's been awhile since I posted last. So I thought I would post a Miss You card, that I made months back. I really love this stamp! Can you tell?! :) Life has been busy and is getting busier and busier! The kids have LOTS of sports going on! They seem to enjoy every sport, so they do all of them and keeps us busy too! But we enjoy it! :)

I haven't submitted to any magazines in MONTHS! But the PC call for sketches, just looked too fun to pass up! My craft stuff is still a mess, but I still want to try and create and submit something! I hope to be in my craft room by tonight and I can't WAIT! :) So I better go and start creating! :)
Have a Blessed day!


Maureen said...

Miss you and your art too, have fun creating. These flowers are so stunning, it's easy to see why you love them :) hugs,

Jocelyn said...

I love the colors in this card!! I was going to try to do some cards for the PC sketches, but life just happened and I don't think I can get any done by tonight:-(

Christiana said...

Winter, this is SO pretty. I love it!

Btw, I got my new WPlus9 stamps! I can't wait to play with them. Thanks so much again for drawing my name!

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