Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day & Lawnscaping Challenge #3

Hey everybody! Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, I know that it is officially the 15th, but I had good intentions to post all day, but never had time. My kids are on their Winter break for the week and we have a busy week planned!

I wanted to share these cute little cherry pie's in a jar that I made for the family today. I got the idea from a crafter on facebook and she posted this link. I thought that they were perfect for Valentine's Day and perfect for the Lawnscaping Challenge! Where it's all about Love! :)
I don't usually like to bake, but I loved making these and they are SO good! They were a big hit with the family and look at those cute hearts! :) The hearts fell a little bit after baking.
And these little Lawn Fawn stamps were perfect for this project! :)
And more pics, because they are so darn cute! :)
I also wanted to share the cards I made for Chance and the kids last night. We are still in the middle of remodeling and I had to stand at my craft table FULL of stuff and make their cards! :)
Please someone tell me that you have heard the saying Olive Juice, and it sounds like "I Love You" if you just move your mouth to the words, but don't say them?! Me and a friend of mine use to do that in grade school. :) I was excited when I found the stamp at michael's! I thought it was a perfect card for Chance! :)
And this card fits the Lawnscaping Challenge too. This card is from inspiration from a Bealls gift card, that me and Autumn saw last weekend while shopping! :)
And I used more Lawn Fawn Stamps for the inside of the card. (The card is white, but it looks pink.)And here is Chace's...a little monster! :)

Well it's past my bedtime! Have a Blessed night! :)


walchowDesign said...

Hmm, those pie looks delicious and the cards are just lovely!

de said...

Winter, what an amazing idea and so nicely presented! Love the cards too! So cute!

Laurel Beard said...

Oh Winter! Yum... Makes the cantaloupe I am munching on so less good! These are adorable. I love the old fashioned mason jars and the tag you made for them (is that a tag die or nestability)..... SUPER CUTE! And I totally mouthed olive juice into the mirror to see if I thought I said I LOVE YOU and it did! So funny! Thanks so much for playing along with us again at Lawnscaping. We love having you each week! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

Oh my gosh, these are soooo cute!!! I love all of you adorable creations, Winter!

Marie said...

Great cards and tags, thanks for showing them all to us =)

Courtney Baker said...

Oh my word those look amazing! I'm so impressed Winter... seriously.

Karen McAlpine said...

The pie in a jar is so cute. Is it pie filling and then pie crust on top? Love this idea!

Erum Tasneem said...

Brilliant! love the cards!

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