Tuesday, February 1, 2011

......More Cards

Hey everybody! Well I am here today to show you some more cards I made for the Card Drives. I have a few more to post, I will try and post those tomorrow. I have been busy trying to wrap everything up for the Card Drives! I can't Thank ya'll enough for all the cards! I can't wait to share how many cards have been donated!! I went to the Post Office today and I had to get my husband to come help me get all the packages to the truck! Just today, I got over 300 cards in the mail! Isn't that AMAZING?! I will be getting everything finished up tomorrow and I hope to draw the Winners soon too! :)

Well I need to get in bed!
Have a Blessed night!


Kelley Eubanks said...

These are adorable! I love that color combo!! The red, white and teal!!

300 cards today... wow!! That is awesome!!

I love the Vandy badge by the way... very cool! :)

Oh... and I love you! :)

Lisa Petrella said...

Ooooo...LOVE this color combo, Winter!!!! These cards are ADORABLE! CONGRATS on the mega success of your card drive!!!! That's so awesome!!

Chark said...

love this color combo!

Christiana said...

Adorable cards, Winter! And YAY about all those cards! So many kids are going to be blessed because you took the initiative to do something for them. Thank you so much! I hope my cards were among those that arrived today!

Kelly Latevola said...

cute, cute, cute!! I love the colors you chose :)

Janelle said...

Great cards, Winter! Fun and perfect for kids. Next year (if you do this again...) I'm going to plan better and make my cards more kid oriented. (I know that I was supposed to this year, but I think mine may have been a little too grown-up looking. Oh, well. I suppose older children are in the hospitals, too. I do pray for my cards before I send them, so I trust the Lord to make sure they get into just the right hands!) Can't wait to hear your total number of cards. 300 in one day... That is just so awesome!