Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a very Blessed Christmas! I wanted to share some last minute gifts that I made over the past couple of weeks. Sorry that some of the pictures are bad, we have had weird weather and I had to take some of the pics at weird hours to even get pictures of them!
Here are the rest of the teacher's gifts I made. I ended up making 6 sets, but four of them, didn't have calendars. I ran out of time! Autumn received a card in the mail from one of her teachers, telling her thank you for the set and she already made a grocery list using her notepad. She also said, she loved her clips and was going to add magnets to them to put on the fridge! I love when people like their gifts! :) Here are the gifts for the kids in Chace's class and Autumn's friends, I made 30 of them. It has a package of hot chocolate, a bag of marshmallows, a candy cane, and a chocolate covered spoon for stirring. They really loved the spoons! (Thanks to Chance, he made them while I worked on the other gifts.) They were eating them when I got there for the party. :) I made these little Holiday planner books, to go along with the cards I made for my family.
I found a great idea from Nicole Heady's blog, it was a Birthday Reminder Book. I made one for my Mom and my MIL along with some clips and B-day cards. They both have a couple of grandsons, so I made a couple boy cards too.
It can even hold the card's in the envelope's on the back of the month cards. Go check out her post about it, they are really neat. I think I'll make myself one! :)I made some fire starters for my Mom and a good friend of mine. It makes it easier for them to start fires in their fireplaces. I made them out of candle wax and saw dust and wrapped them in tissue paper. They smell really good! I made some gift card holders, to hold gift cards to our favorite restaurant, for a couple of people. I found the idea for the gift card holders from Jennifer McGuire on the Hero Arts Blog. I will have to use this idea again! My friend loves the movie 'Elf', I knew when I saw this rub-on, I had to use it for her card. And lastly, I made these cute little headbands for my nieces. I found the pattern over at Heather Bailey's Blog. I made Autumn one, but I will have to make some more for both of us. Well, I guess that's it. I wanted to try and get all the Christmas gifts I made posted, because I have lots of stuff coming up on my blog. So stay tuned! :)
If you have any questions about supplies, just let me know. Too lazy to post them all! :)

Have a very Blessed day!


Tenia Nelson said... have been super busy!! I love all of your gifts..they rock!!!!!


Maureen said...

Wow! These are all fabulous!! Love the cards that go into the birthday calendar...the blue with the Holiday Cheer is genius!! You've been very busy!! We had a wonderful Christmas...glad you did too :)

Ann said...

My oh my, Winter, these are fabulous! How did you find the time to make them all? I love those butterfly cards and the birthday organizer!

Vanessa said...

These are all amazing!!! Lucky receipients!! Hope you had fab holidays!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Wow girl.... did you sleep? :) Such great stuff!! I am sure everyone loved their gifts!!

Anthonette said...

Wow, Winter, you were a busy bee! I love everything you made.