Sunday, December 13, 2009

EBTKS Challenge Winners

Happy Sunday! We had a really nice day today. We went to church this morning, then came home for lunch and a little relaxing and then we brought the kids to see The Blind Side. That movie is AMAZING! I really LOVED it, everyone should go see it! :)
Well I wanted to share the winners for the EBTKS challenge with you. I got so many ideas from those cards, thank you ladies! :) And here are the winners! Who would have thought to use toothpicks...hmm.....Kelley! I think it was a great idea! :)

Don't forget to check back here and the EBTKS blog on the 15th, for another sketch challenge, brought to you by....ME! :)

Have a Blessed night!

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Maureen said...

oh, I'm so glad you loved the movie!! and that your kids did too! Wasn't it great? So uplifting :)