Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas! I wanted to start off with a pic of our family tradition. Baking Jesus a birthday cake and singing Him Happy Birthday! We started this tradition about 9 or 10 yrs. ago and we have done it every year since. (Warning: never use sparklers on a cake! We couldn't find any candles and so we used this sparkler, needless to say, we had to scrap all the cool whip off and add more. It left little pieces of ash or something on it!) :)
Some other traditions that we do, is go to Church for our candle lite service, but this year we had it on Wednesday night instead. That is my favorite service of the year! Then for Christmas Eve we read 'The Night Before Christmas' & 'The Christmas Story of Jesus' at my MIL, before we open presents. Here they are taking turns reading 'The Night Before Christmas', and then Chace read all of 'The Christmas Story'. Then we go home and get cookies ready for Santa, (but last night we left him Apple pie, that's Chace's favorite!) :)
We had Christmas at our house this year, Chance's Mom, step dad, and brother came over for dinner. We had a 'real Texas Dinner'! We had fried fish, shrimp, and gator, and some side dishes. It was really good, and I'm so glad Chance likes to cook!
Here are some pictures of the table and my last minute place cards. Chance's favorite Christmas movie is 'The Christmas Story' with Ralphy, I bought these name tags last year on clearance at WalMart. I found them last night in my stash and decided to make some place cards. Very simple, but I like them. I also made the napkins and napkin ties for Thanksgiving, I figured why not use them again.
He even has a shirt with this picture on it, but for some reason, we couldn't find it anywhere in the closet! ?

The kids got lots of gifts, they have been playing all day! I love staying home on Christmas, that way they can play with their new toys, or get in PJ's if they want to! :)
Chance and I usually don't get each other alot of presents. But this year I got him a couple and he got me quite a few. He got me a houndstooth snuggie :), a new machine that you run your pictures through it and it reads it onto a SD card (it's great for all the old photos before there was digital), a new cord for my laptop (the old one is all messed up), and more memory for my laptop too (because my computer is pretty slow)! He was wanting to get me the Photo Shop CS4 but he was unsure if that was the right program. But, I think he got me plenty already, he is too good to me! :) We got Autumn her first 'real' make up kit. I'm not to fond of her wearing makeup, but I know she is growing up, so I figured it's better to start teaching her how to wear it before she goes out of the house with it on! Here is Chace with his new DVD player, he was really excited getting this, he always wants to watch something different than us.
Merry Christmas from 'The Sims Family'!
EDITED: Only a couple of hours left to play in the EBTKS Sketch Challenge!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Have a very Blessed Christmas!


Courtney Baker said...

Merry Christmas it looks like you had an awesome day!

Lynnette said...

Merry Christmas. Looks like you had a very blessed celebration! You have such a beautiful family. What a blessing Christ's birth and salvation is for us who follow him. We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can freely celebrate him! Blessings to you and your family.

Kelley Eubanks said...

So glad that you guys enjoyed your Christmas! You are all beautiful!! I enjoyed reading about your Christmas! Love ya!