Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Tags

Hey! Here is some tags I made for gifts under our tree. Very simple, but I like them! I used lots of different stamps sets again. I stamped To: & From: on the back of each. I made some more tags, but while I was cleaning my craft area...I found them! Ooops! I forgot to use them! :)
Sorry for the lighting in some of these...we have had some Crazy weather! Hey it is on the gift.

Have a Blessed day!


Ryann said...

How cute is this! I love this idea. Never even crossed my mind to actually use the holiday tags I've made! LOL Thank you for the inspiration!!

Gladys said...

Its so cute winter! Love the tags!

Courtney Baker said...

Winter these are so super cute!

Sylvia said...

Hi Winter! It has been a long time since I have heard from you! Let me know when you post something about your Valentine drive. I am even slower than last year!!!I will definitely try and help and give you soem advertisement as well!