Friday, January 28, 2011

Giving To More Hospitals!

Hello! Guess what?!.....We have met our goal for Card's For St. Jude's! Woo Hoo! Thank ya'll SO much!
My sweet friend Kelley helped me out again this year and contacted Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville TN, and they are going to accept 238 cards this year too! We sent 230 cards to them last year. And believe it or not, we have gotten SO many cards the last few days, that we have met our goal with them too! Woo Hoo! Thank you Jesus! :) So yesterday I contacted Texas Children's Hospital, and they have said they will gladly accept cards too! The lady I spoke with, said that she still remembered the cards from last year and she said those cards were so beautiful! :)
They see SO many patients a day, that they can't even give me a number! So we always send all of the cards that we have left from the card drive.

If you are wanting to send cards, Monday is the last day I will receive them! PLEASE make sure if you send them this late, that they will get here by then!
I have been packaging up the cards and getting a BIG prize together. I have had several people (who want to remain anonymous), send me all kinds of goodies! I will be posting that pic soon on the sponsor and prizes page. Thank you again to all of the Sponsors! Ya'll are AMAZING! And I want to Thank my Sweet friend Kelley, for helping me out with the preparations! And I want to Thank my Sweet friend Christina, for making these logo's! Aren't they cute?! She is so talented!
Have a Blessed day!


Sara Strand said...

It would actually be kind of fun to do this throughtout the year with different themes. Obviously, if it's not a holiday we could just do "thinking of you" type cards. How fun would that be? ;)

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

How wonderful! I hope that mine arrived safely...if not, they should definitely be there by Monday. Great job!

Anita Rex said...

Hi Winter. I have sent 5 cards but coming from Canada I have no clue when they get there. I am so so sorry I feel so bad! I tried to mail them ahead but when I went to the post office again for something else I asked he said that Texas takes the longest from here! So I suppose if it's late save them for next year? :< SORRY!

Wendi said...

God is GOOD!
Bless your heart for doing this!
When my dd was 11 mos. old she was diagnosed with leukemia and we LIVED at the hospital for weeks on end...often times,mail is a bright spot in a dreary day.
I mailed out 31 cards to you yesterday via Priority so they *should* get there on time!!
{BTW, my dd went into remission, relapsed, and had a bone marrow transplant. She is now 10 years old. God is most definately GOOD!}

Christiana said...

How wonderful! Oh my gosh, it just touches my heart more than you know that so many kids will be blessed with an outreach of love this Valentine's Day! God is good.

I mailed out my cards last Thursday. I hope that was enough time to get to you! I know you must be terribly busy sorting this all out, but if you can, will you please let me know?