Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

Hey everybody! I wanted to get my Christmas cards & gifts posted. So today I wanted to start with my Christmas cards I sent out. They are very similar and have the same color combo. I couldn't decide on one design, so I did several! I have SO many Christmas stamps and that makes it even harder to decide! :) I have so much of the houndstooth paper, it's the same I used last year! And I still have tons! I love that stuff! :)
I sent out about 40 cards this year and I sent them out about a week before Christmas...barely in time! But they were sent, so that's all that matters! :)
Have a Blessed day!


Maureen said...

love those Jesus ornaments!!! Houndstooth is so classic...keep using it!! I always think of you when I see it :)

Karen B. said...

Love these cards Winter, so perfect for the season.