Monday, January 24, 2011

More Cards for St. Jude's

Hey everybody! Well today I wanted to share some more cards I made for St. Jude's! I made them all with the same layout and I used the Lawn Fawn, My Silly Valentine stamps again! It is a lot easier to make several cards that are the same then have to think of a design for all of them! I have made TONS of cards for the drive and I have really enjoyed it and I can't make myself stop! :)

If you have made cards and have not sent them to me...please send them soon! It is really the last week, because next Monday is the last day for me to accept them. I want to make sure they get there in plenty of time! And PLEASE remember to add your email address with your information when you send them! I have a couple of people who sent cards and there is no email address, so it is kind of hard for the sponsors to get in touch with you for your prize! (If you are one of them and want to send me and email with that information, please do. I have no email or blog to get it from you. Thanks!)
Ok, on to the cards! Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them, we have had rainy and cloudy weather for weeks!

Here's a close-up!

Well that's it for today! Our dog Tucker hurt his front leg Thursday night. We took him to the vet Friday morning and they did an xray and said he broke his elbow! We are thinking he either was stepped on or kicked by one of our horses. If he would have been hit by a car, it would have done more damage than just his elbow. He gets out of the fence all the time! So they had to do surgery on him Friday and put a pin in and they kept him the whole weekend. So I have to go today and pick him up. He will have a splint on his leg for 8 weeks and it has to stay dry and clean and we have to keep him from chewing it off! So that means he will be inside in his kennel A LOT! He is an outside dog, so this is going to be a change for us and him! We usually let him come in when it's cold outside and he is VERY good when he comes in, and snores A LOT! :)

Have a Blessed day!


Lisa Petrella said...

These are SO SUPER CUTE, Winter! Love the layout!!! It's so perfect for these images and sentiments!! Hope your dog recovers quickly from his surgery!!

Alice said...

awww... these are super duper cute, Winter!! LOVE them all! have to get myself that stamp set!! =) thanks for letting me know that my cards arrived safely! can't thank you enough for doing the card drive! =)

Lynnette said...

Winter, you have done some amazing cards with this stamp set. They are so adorable and will bring so much joy to those kiddos. I used the same stamps on the cards I mailed to you. (And I did forget my email address with the package but I'm hoping you have it).

Thanks again for doing this, you are such a blessing.