Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey! Well today I wanted to share the gift tags I made for my niece's Birthday (in August). They matched their cards that I made them here. They had a swimming Birthday party, so these went perfect with the theme. I LOVE how they turned out! :) These are some of my favorite Lawn Fawn stamps.
I went to the throat Dr. again yesterday to go over the CAT scan results. He said the CAT scan looked normal, no stones in the saliva glands. He was still unsure as to what is going on. He said sometimes your tonsils can have some issues going on and cause the glands to swell. He suggested maybe taking the tonsils out if it continues. I suggested maybe trying another round of antibiotics to see if that helps, so that is what he did.
It is still frustrating, but I am still trying to Thank the Lord for the good results that I have gotten! It could be ALOT worse! I will continue to pray for the healing and ask if you would Please do the same. I have to remember that healing is in His time...not my own!

Have a Blessed day!


Ann said...

Oh my, these are CUTE, Winter!

Christina Smith said...

Hi Winter, I will be praying for you! Cute card/gift!

Maureen said...

adorable tags...love the dark ribbon, it really stands out. How frustrating it must be not to know exactly what is going on...I admire your faith through trying times...very inspiring. On kind of a different note, I remember reading somewhere about someone who wondered if God answers all prayers/questions...and the response was, "Yes, but sometimes the answer is "no." LOL I thought, "Fair enough!!" Sometimes I'm happy that some of the answers to my prayers were "no." LOL Hugs to you, dear friend :)

Lynnette said...

These are so doggone cute. Sorry you are continuing in frustration but am grateful that you trust in our gracious God