Friday, November 12, 2010

A Simple Layout

Hey! Happy Friday! It will be a busy weekend for us. We have the "Super Bowl" for the Pee Wee football league at our school, so that means 6 play-off games tomorrow at our field and hours of working in the concession stand! Chance will be announcing 3 of the games. Our team did get beat a couple of weeks ago in our first play-off game. The other team did have some cheating going on and the refs had some bad calls and the score board wasn't working, which meant the clock didn't work! So they had to keep asking the press box what the time was! Very aggravating, and I'm not just complaining because I'm a sore loser...really I'm not! If the team was better, than I can admit that...but they weren't! Our boys were Devastated! :(
Our older team from our town is in the Supper Bowl, and I really think they will win! :)

Ok, I wanted to share a layout that I made over the Summer. I know...I am waaayyy behind on posting my projects! I really am trying to get caught up! :)
I have had this pic printed out for awhile, I usually would have wanted it in black and white, because of all the colors. But it was printed, so I just went with it! I really like the collage of flowers and the butterfly.

Well that's it for today.

I hope ya'll have a Blessed weekend!

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Norma said...

beautiful layout!!! OMG! I LOVE the color on the flowers just gorgeous