Monday, November 1, 2010

Card Drive for Logan & Bekah

Hey everybody! I have been crafting the last couple of days! I have been doing some card drive cards, and I really LOVE doing that! I need to do more of them! I haven't been submitting lately. I just really needed a little break from all the deadlines and I guess the Lord knew I would be dealing with all of the health issues too, so I guess it worked out! I have had more time with my kids and husband...which I LOVE!
I saw on Giovana's blog that she was doing a card drive for two sweet little kids who are dealing with health issues and I really wanted to help out! When I had the card drive in February and SO many people helped out, I really wanted to pay it forward and give back! So I made a card for little Logan. Here is his card. Supplies: Cardstock- (Pure Poppy, White, Aqua Mist) PTI; Stamps- (The Whole Cycle) Practicing Creativity, (Sentiments) Stampabilites; Ink- (Tuxedo Black) Memento; Other: Copic's
And one for Bekah, here is hers.Supplies: Cardstock- (Pure Poppy, White, Aqua Mist) PTI; Stamps- (The Whole Cycle) Practicing Creativity), (Up, Up, & Away Sentiments) PTI; Ink: (Tuxedo Black) Memento; Other: Copic's, (Printed tape) ColorBok
I really hope they like them! I had fun making them! I hope you all will help bring a smile to their face! :)

I can't believe it is already November! October has been crazy for me with all the throat issues and my step-brother being in the accident! I do have some updates for you!
Last night I got a surprise call from my step-brother! He said they took the trac out and he wanted to Thank me for all the prayers! It was so good to hear from him! Thank ya'll for all the prayers! We are truly seeing God's hand in this! :)
And for an update for me: Well the Dr.'s and I are still unsure what is going on! I went to my thyroid Dr. and he said that the nodule was 7.5mm 2 years ago and it is now 3mm. So that means it has shrunk! Praise God for that! He also said that he doesn't believe this has anything to do with the thyroid! All the blood work came back normal! Praise God for that too! But I am still left not knowing anything! He suggested go back to the throat specialist, so i went back there last Thursday. He did a scope to look at my throat and he didn't see anything wrong there. He seems to think it is a stone in my salava gland. They can cause pain and swelling, (Praise God I haven't had pain!) So he wants to do a CAT scan on that area and see if there are stones in there and see what is going on! I know the Lord is going to take care of me, I am just SO ready to get back to normal! Not knowing is very frustrating! Thank ya'll for all the prayers through all of this!
Have a Blessed day!


Giovana said...

Thanks so much Winter! Your cards are adorable and I am pretty sure they are going to love them too.
God bless.

Maureen said...

so glad everything is going well :) the power of prayer is amazing :) LOVE the sweet little son had a red trike like the first card...didn't every kid? LOL hugs!!

Courtney Baker said...

That is awful not knowing! I hope you find out more details soon.

Love these cards so cute!

Christiana said...

These are both super sweet! I love doing card drives, and that reminds me, I need to find out when the next Cards for Kids ends!

Love your blog!

Helen F. said...

Sending my thoughts and prayers for you and for your step brother's speedy recovery.
Sorry you are dealing with so much stress, Winter...but, you are right about the Lord taking care of his children. {{{HUGS}}}