Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sweet Sixteen card

Hey everybody! Well I am here today with a card for my Sweet and Beautiful niece Morgan. Yesterday was her Sweet Sixteen Birthday! I made her a video of her life thus far and I must say it makes me cry! It is so hard to see them grow up so fast! :(
I also made her a card. When I was that age, you could get your license at 16. I had my own car at 15 and yes I would drive it illegally! ;) But now days, you get a permit at 16 or something! My niece Monica (Morgan's sister) just got her license on her 18th Birthday. They did Drivers Ed at home and had some set backs and she just got her license. She got a car for Graduation, so now she is able to drive it legal! :)
So that was my inspiration for the card, to be able to drive a car! :) I had this idea for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday card, soon after I saw Courtney's Key To My Heart set and then when she did the You're the Man set....I just fell in LOVE! They work so well together! I love when that happens! :)
I added a crown to the card two! Every girl should feel like a princess on their 16th Birthday! :)
I am having some issues with my laptop! The battery and the plug-in aren't working correctly, (and haven't for over a year), so I think it is about time for a new laptop! I don't like "change", but I would like for my battery to charge right and I don't think it can be fixed! Our computer guy said that it is the charger post inside! :( So I don't think I will be on it much! I am on Chance's now and it feels so weird! I need to start looking for another one!

This is our first 'Free' weekend in awhile! I think we better mow our grass! Our lawnmower and weed eater have been broke (all from employees), either hitting something or putting the wrong gas in it! :( When we are slow, they would mow and clean up around the shop. But we haven't been slow lately! It is HOT here in Texas! So our grass is HIGH!!!!

I also want to ask for prayer about a situation. Our employee of 3 yrs. gave his 2 week notice this week. He thinks he got a better job offer. We think differently. For a A/C business...this is hard! We are Extremely busy and for your help to leave in the middle of the Summer is a nightmare! We were very shocked by the news! But we don't put our faith in our employees, we put them in the Lord, so we are trusting Him to send an even better one! :)

>I hope ya'll have a very Blessed weekend, I'm going to mow!


Sassy's Ramblin's said...

Such a fantastic card! It is always bitter sweet when they turn 16....Happy Birthday to her, she is gorgeous!!! I live in Texas too, hopefully my 17 year old is not peeking over my shoulder, or he is gonna wanna visit! ;-) LOL

Helen F. said...

GREAT card for your beautiful niece Morgan's B-day! Love the crown and the key-which she can use 'legally' now :^)
Sorry about your employee problems, I remember the day when we owned businesses (yes, plural, we didn't learn too quickly!) It was ALWAYS an issue keeping good people. But, you know, things happen for the Lord's reason and He knows best :o)

Karen B. said...

Great card Winter, love the combo of stamps. Hope things get better for you!

jen said...

What a great combo for a sweet 16 card! :)
Hoping you've got a top notch person on your doorstep in the morning!! :)

Courtney Baker said...

Oh my that is so fun Winter! I just love the creative way you use stamps!

Lynnette said...

Fun card, and praying for you and your business. God is in control.