Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monica's Senior Pics

Hey everybody! Well today I wanted to dedicate this post to my sweet niece Monica! She will be graduating High School tomorrow and I honestly can't believe this day has come! It seems like yesterday she was born! She was my first niece and she was always with us growing up! I was in Jr. High when she was born, so it was like she was my little sister I never had! :)

She called a couple of month's ago and asked if I would make her Graduation Invitations (I will be sharing those tomorrow). I told her that I would be honored to make them! So we decided on invites with pictures, so that meant I had to become a photographer too! So we had different outfits in the car and we went to a couple of different locations to take them. Here are a few that I took and I used my new program called Picnik, to personalize them and she handed these out as wallets to her friends! I love to make things that no one else has, so it was alot of fun to make the invites and pictures, that you knew no one else had! And she loved it too! She said her friends were going to be jealous! She is too funny! :)

It was very easy to take her pics because she is so photogenic! I am still learning how to use this camera and I would love to take a class so I could really learn to use it right! I would ask her a question about how she wanted the invites or something about the pics and she would say, "However you think, you are the professional!" That was just the professional?! :)

Autumn took this one with Monica's camera. Isn't it so pretty?! :)

These last two are my favorite! Monica loves to wear little tutu's, so I think these pictures really capture her fun personality!

She really doesn't ride a skateboard, but we thought it would be a fun prop! (Thanks Chace!) :)

I really did have a great time doing this! I hope ya'll will check out that FREE photo editing program! It really is easy and so fun! :)

Hope ya'll have a Blessed day!


Courtney Baker said...

That is so sweet of you! Great pictures.

Lynnette said...

What fun photos, no wonder she was excied. I have a photographer friend, and senior pictures are her favorites to do since you get to build on their personalities. I am excited to see the invites you made for her. Fun fun fun! You are the good aunt!

Kelley Eubanks said...

These are great Winter! Autumn did a fab job too! :)