Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Children's Hospital Trip

Hey everybody! Well I just realized today, that I haven't posted since Sunday! I'm so sorry, but I have been so busy getting all of the last minute preparations done before we leave in the morning! I had to take my kids to the Dr. yesterday, they have had sinus congestion and some sore throats, but the Dr. said no Strep! Praise God! It is just viral, they should be fine. So please pray we all stay well on our trip. And please pray for my Paw Paw. He has been sick for a couple of weeks with congestive heart failure. He is home and taking meds and is doing pretty good. But he is 83 yrs old and sometimes it takes a little longer to get better.

Well yesterday was the day that Chance and I took our little trip to Houston to delivery 1,000 cards to Texas Children's Hospital. It is about 2 hrs. one way for us, so it was a pretty long day, but SO worth it! We had to pull up in the drop off spot and they told Chance that he had to park and stay with the truck, (I guess so we wouldn't take long). So I went in by myself and carried all those cards. Just walking in there is just Amazing! It is so kid friendly! I took a couple of pictures inside of some of the children's art work. It is so cute! The lady I turned them into, was so appreciative for the cards. I did not get to hand them out, they make gift bags for them and they will put cards in the bags! So thank you again, from everyone at Texas Children's Hospital!

Kelley also took some of the cards to a Children's Hospital in Nashville yesterday. They were going to have a Valentine party tomorrow and hand out the cards to the kids and maybe even some of the parents. So thank you, from all of them too! :)

Ok, well I am off to finish up packing! We were suppose to head out early in the morning, but we have had really rainy weather and now we are expecting snow! We have had snow twice since I have lived here in about 20 yrs! And then it decides to snow tonight! Go figure! :)
Have a Blessed night!


Maureen said...

have a blessed and safe trip, Winter!! Send us your snow!! LOL The Olympics start tomorrow and we've been having mild, rainy weather!! Not our typical snowy, cold weather...they've been making and saving snow for the skiing!! EEK!! Can't wait to see more pics...thanks for doing that card drive :)

Courtney Baker said...

Can't wait to see you soon girl!

Karen B. said...

Be safe on your trip and thanks for delivering the cards. Also, I just received my latest Papercrafts Magazine and wow-so many of your beautiful creations in there! Congratulations!

Helen F. said...

Have a safe trip. Prayers coming to you and your family for good health. Thank you so much for all you have done with the "Kids" cards, Winter! You are truly an amazing person. {{{HUGS}}}

~kelly marie~ said...

Wow! Look at all of those cards! You have done amazing things, my friend!