Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The St. Jude Card Drop- Off

Well I told ya'll that I would post some pics of us dropping off the St. Jude cards. We stayed the night at the Heartbreak Hotel Friday night, so we could be at the St. Jude Hospital early. (I'll show some pics of that later!) We did not hand deliver any of the cards, we simple just dropped them off at the front desk. But before we went in, we prayed over the cards, that every person would be Blessed that received them and prayed for healing on all the children. It was a very overwhelming reality, that most parents that come in there with their children, are facing cancer! Please pray for the children and their parents, they need it so dearly!

Here are all the cards ready for the trip. Here is the outside of Hospital.

Here are me and the kids, right before we dropped them off inside.
Here is little statues of little kids playing tug of war. I thought it was so cute, and it really shows what kids should be able to do as kids, and not being sick in a hospital. It is what I am praying for, for these kids!
We are having a great time on vacation! We are site seeing alot and actually we are getting some relaxing in too, which is very much needed!! :) The Internet still stinks, I had to come out by the inside pool, which is close to the Internet server I guess, to upload these pics! I'll be ready to get my Internet back at home! Well the kids are done swimming, so we are headed back to relax on the couch!
Night! :)



Lisa said...

oh that is so awesome!! glad ya'll are having a good trip and got to see the hospital. we're there now and just have good test results from Cole's MRI!

~kelly marie~ said...

Another amazing drop off! I can just imagine all of those smiles on those kids' faces today.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for all the pics of the drop off. I am glad I got a chance to participate:-)

Amy Heller said...

Wonderful job, Winter!! That's just great! :)

Courtney Baker said...

Oh these are way cute! And I just love how warm it looks (ha). Thanks for doing this Winter it was a huge success! What else are you all up to this week?

Maureen said...

Oh, how exciting, Winter!! Are you still on vacation? Thanks for keeping up with all my cards...not necessary on a trip!! LOL I received your lovely package today and thanks so much for it and your lovely card about my mom. I really appreciate it :)I used one of the stamps in my card for tomorrow (thurs). Thanks again and have a safe trip home.

Helen F. said...

Great photos, Winter. Thanks so much for sharing and allowing so many of us to help! Enjoy your vacation with your beautiful family.