Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gator Farm

Hi Everyone! I shared with you yesterday that we went to the Gator Farm. Well the weather has been really bad here the last couple of days, so we didn't get to go on the tour, we just went to the restaurant, feed the gators weenies on a string from the bridge, and held a baby gator. We had a good time, but wished we could have went on the tour. We will have to go back when the weather is better! I wanted to share some pictures with ya'll.

Here is Chace, Autumn, and some friends. ( This is a stuffed Gator)

( This is the stuffed one again) No I would not let my child do this to a real one! :)

OK, is it weird to eat Gator at a Gator Farm?!?! It is really GOOD though!
Chace trying it for the first time.

Autumn trying Gator for the first time.

Here is Chace baiting up the string to feed the Gators. (It doesn't have a hook, it's just for fun!)

You can see the Gator in the water, when it jumps up to eat it, it's kind of scary, but fun!

Here is a picture of one of the Gators he feed.

Here is one eating the weenie.

We didn't get a picture of them holding the baby Gator. It was about 12 in. long. So cute!

We had a great time! I'll be back tomorrow with some cards I made last night. Have a blessed night!

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