Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Busyness

I have been really busy the last couple of weeks! I been trying to plan my kids birthday parties! My daughters birthday is March 26th and my sons is April 5th. Autumn turned 11 and Chace is turning 8. I can't believe how fast time flies! I just love being their mom!! :) Well we had her slumber party last weekend. She invited a couple of her close friends. Here in Texas we have had alot of bad weather, lots of rain! So the girls took advantage of that! My husband decided to take them muddin' on our mule (if you have never done that you ought to, so FUN)! Well they also decided to have a mud fight from the mud holes in our yard, so they were covered from head to toe in mud! They had so much fun!! We also had a chocolate fountain with strawberries, bananas, animal crackers, and marshmallows. That was so good!! Instead of having cake we let them make their own sundaes, they enjoyed that! We always have crafts at our slumber party's, so they made chip board albums and I made them little pillows with an iron-on picture of them on it! I think they turned out really cute! I think she had a really fun time! I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the party and a picture of Autumn at about a week old and on her birthday. I will be back later with Chace's camp-out pictures from his birthday party last night!

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trudelmj said...

Ha! ha! ha! Very funny!