Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am trying to figure this blog thing out. I have a question to anyone who can help me. I need help on when I put in a link how do I put it in to just have the name and not the http: address? I know that sounds silly not to know, but I am new to this. So anyone that can help, Please let me know. I am in the process of putting a new back ground in, I think it is a little distracting, so I might need to change it later. Well gotta go, I have to go get supplies for my sons school project. Have a blessed day!


fmfab said...

Love the new background. Great colours. I was playing with new backgrounds last night too!

To put in the name and not just the address is not too hard. When you are typing your post you just type the name or the word - here - and then highlight it. then click on the hyperlink button (it is the 6th from the left next to the text colour button) and type in the address and press ok. It basically assigns that address to whatever you highlighted. It is probably easier to go to the site you want to link and cut and paste the address into the hyperlink.

Hope that helps

fmfab said...

No problem to help out! I had never done it before and i spent most of last weekend setting it up!! can waste a lot of time. I only found my background last night too!! I love the one you picked - i think even more than the one i picked!
To get a counter or the traffic thing you just need to click on one that someone has on their site. or go to . click on hit counter - stats. Then click on Get your Hit Counter. You will need to join up - give you details - then they will send an email to your email inbox. when you get it you'll need to click on something to verify your account. Then you will be aboe to go back to their site and login and pick your counter. Then click on copy-paste code. When in there click the button under the code that says highlight + copy. Then you go back to your blog page and click on customise. Click on the Add a Gaget section. scroll down and click on the HTML/Java script Then in the box where it says Content - paste the code you copied and save.

Sounds complicated but not really - it is just a matter of finding the thing you want whether it is a clock of counter or live traffic and then copy the code for it and then paste into your Add a gaget.

Any problems just leave me another comment!