Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Last day to collect cards

Hey everybody! 
I am working my booty off (I wish 😜) to get the cards sorted, counted, and boxed up! Today is the cut off for collecting cards, so if you haven’t sent them yet, Please don’t. You can either keep them for next year to send, give them out locally, or maybe find someone else that is accepting Valentine cards. I have to have a cut off day or I’ll never get them counted and packaged and they have to get to the hospitals before Valentine’s Day and the way the postal service has been...I need to send them ASAP! It looks to me that some of your packages that you sent in are a few days delayed on the dates on the packages. The cards you are sending in are so Adorable and inspire me so much! I’ve still had a few that aren’t by the rules, but most are, so Thank you for those!  I still have several days of packaging, so I better get back to it! I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still here and still working hard. Thanks again for all of the cards & love that you have sent me! ❤️ I’ll be checking in again soon.
Have a Great day!


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Carole W. said...

Hi, Winter! I sent mine to supposedly be there by the 29th; however, my check of the tracking is telling me it is delayed so not sure it made it to you by yesterday. It's a small stack of cards. Perhaps you can add them in at the last minute. Hope this drive is another success. Have a blessed day!