Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cards and an Update

Hey everybody! 
Just a quick update. Here are the packages that came in today. Thank you to all those who have sent them in already! I also wanted to mention again about reading ALL the rules! In these packages, there were cards with last names, Glitter, brads and some that were larger than 5 1/2 X 4 1/4, and envelopes sent with cards. Just because you send an envelope with a bigger card, Does Not mean I can use it! I use clear A2 envelopes ONLY! There is no need to send Any envelopes with your cards. SO Please read the rules carefully, it makes my life so much easier! And Thank you to all those that did!

Here are a few of my cards. I usually make all my cards in October...and well that's when we lost our house. :( I had actually just brought all of my patterned paper to the house that night, that I had at my office. So I was WAY behind on making mine and I didn't get to make near as many as I usually do. I had to buy all new Valentine stamps and my regular supplies and a very sweet friend sent me a huge package of supplies that were Exactly what I needed to get these cards made! 
Thank you, sweet friend! <3 font="">

Something I really realized that I'm terrible at, is stamping on die cuts! 
I can't seemed to line them up right, so just ignore that! :)

I wish I would have had time to make more cards, but I just don't this year. 
But I am glad that I got to make some.
I love the bite marks on this one, it was really an accident, it was from another card that I needed clouds on! ;)

Well that's all I got for tonight. We've been home all day with a "snow day". No school, no college classes, cancelled dentist appointments, and cancelled basketball games. We didn't have much snow, more like ice, but being home and nowhere to go, I was able to get caught up on Card Drive stuff. 
We have another "snow day" tomorrow too, but I think it's suppose to warm up by noon. I sure hope so, this Texas girls isn't use to this cold weather, even if my name is Winter! ;) 

Thanks again for everyone sending in cards or working on cards, I sure appreciate it! 
I'll be working hard the next few weeks, so please don't think anything if you don't hear much from me. I'm about to be working Lots of hours to get the cards ready for those kiddos! :)

Have a Great night!


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Mary-Anne V said...

Isn't it such a blessing to have such generous crafty friends. Glad you were able to create some cards. I just sent my cards yesterday.