Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Cards From the Heart Card Drive" 2015

ETA: The Card Drive is now closed!

Happy New Year! :) It's time for the 6th Annual Valentine's Day Card Drive!

It's my Blogs 6th year anniversary this month, and I don't know a better way to celebrate it, but having another Card Drive for all those precious kids on Valentine's Day! I will be collecting cards for many Hospitals and hope to add more! :)
Last year's Card Drive was a HUGE success! We collected 4,250 cards and sent them to 12 hospitals, 1 foster home, and a little girl who was fighting cancer and she unfortunately passed away shortly after we sent her cards! :'( I pray that the cards might have brought a little bit more happiness and love into her life! I'm also praying that this year, the card drive is even better and reaches even more kids! :)

As always, here are some of the guidelines from the hospital's and a few of mine. (Please read carefully.)
* Cards need to be a Valentine theme.
* Cards can't have anything about 'Get Well Soon', 'Feel Better', or anything reminding them of being sick. (Only Valentine Cards)
* Please make cards that can be used for any gender or age. (This could be a little tricky, but I think you can handle it!) :)
* No buttons, glitter, or anything that can be pulled off and become a choking hazard.
* Cards MUST be able to fit into a 4 1/2 X 5 3/4 envelope (A2 size, but can be smaller, just not bigger). I CANNOT use them if they are bigger! (I will provide clear envelopes for each card, so there is no need to send one with your card.) The clear envelopes make it easier when they hand them out to the kids.
* You can include a message in the inside, but please remember, nothing reminding them of being sick. (Maybe just a Valentine sentiment.) You can also sign your first name and what state you are from ONLY, no last names and cities! No religious sentiments either, as most of the hospitals are non denominational in their beliefs. 
* And Do Not add your blog addresses to your cards! Some hospitals have rules against patients knowing who the donors are.
*I will be excepting cards for the whole month of January. ( Jan. 1 - Jan. 31, Please don't send any after that, because I have to send them off so they will get to the hospitals in time for Valentine's Day. And please make sure you allow enough time for shipping as well.) At the end of the month, I will draw names for prizes.The more cards you send, the more times your name goes into the drawing to win prizes. Let your kids get involved too! I will be adding more prizes and sponsors, often.  :)
* Please send a piece of paper with your name, address, email address, and the amount of cards you sent. (It will help when I have the drawings.) A lot of the prizes will be sent from the sponsor, so I NEED to have your email address for sure!
*Please send cards to me at:

Winter Sims
"Cards From the Heart Card Drive"
P.O. Box 754
Warren, TX 77664

* If anyone wants to donate a prize for the drawings, please email me with the details at .
*You are welcome to use the Card Drive badge on your blog to spread the word, just remember to save it to your computer first.

*If you have a hospital in mind that might want some cards, please send me the contact info and I will email them.

*Sponsor Page*

I know it seems like there are A LOT of rules, but they are the hospital's rules and we want to obey them, to keep the kids safe. So I hope you will join us again for another great year and help us put some smiles on those sweet kids faces on Valentines Day! :)

If you have any questions, please just send me and email at:

Have a Blessed New Year!,



~amy~ said...

Yay Winter, I love that you do this card drive. I've added it to my blog side bar and will start making valentine's this weekend:)

Andrea W said...

Looking forward to participating again this year. Thanks for all the love and time you put into the card drive.

Mary-Anne V said...

Thanks for doing this glad to participate. Happy New Year!

Carole W. said...

Happy New Year! I've made a few cards throughout the past year in preparation for this year's card drive but I will now get on the ball and create some more! Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Christine Nixon said...

Count me in again! Such a worthwhile project. Thank you so much for doing this, Winter.

Linda Faber said...

What a wonderful project! Count on me for five cards at least. I'd like to nominate Miami Children's Hospital (in Florida) where I have been a volunteer with Radio Lollipop ( see our website) for 16 years. It's a fantastic non-profit hospital and meets the needs of children from all over the country and beyond. Some of your cards would be so appreciated, especially in the oncology unit. I will try to recruit others to add to your stash. Your generosity of spirit is such a beautiful thing. Thank you for another opportunity to give back.

Barb said...

I was working on Christmas cards for 2015 Angel Card Project ---- but will switch gears & make some Valentines cards.

Anonymous said...

Can you use ribbon on the cards?

Winter said...

Yes, you can use ribbon, as long as it is adhered in place.

Judy1223 said...

Yay, Winter! So glad you are doing this again...I am definitely IN and will post it on my blog sidebar, too. God bless you in your efforts!

Unknown said...

OOh--I am glad I found this--it's just the inspiration I need to get going this year. I will be making some V-day cards to send to you. Thank you for organizing this!

Coley said...

I've never participated before but am looking forward to it this year!

What about shaker cards - are those ok?

Crafty Math Chick said...

Will be sending some and sharing on my blog! :)

Unknown said...

Oh shucks! I wish I found this sooner, then I'd be able to send more. I guess some is better than none! I'll be more prepared next year. Do you have to put your name on the inside of the card??

AmiUrAnGeL said...

I wish I found out sooner but can't wait to get started today.

CraftyTime4U said...

I wish I would known about this early but every little bit counts, I guess! Beautiful cause!

Becca Cruger said...

This sounds like such a great idea. I just heard about it, but will try to mail off some cards on Monday. :)