Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Bench Warmer! :(

Hey everybody! Well today we were at Autumn's All Star tournament. She had a game at 10:10 this morning and they lost, but that game didn't count (it's like a practice game). So they played their "real" game at 5:45 and they won. Autumn has never really played outfield or sat the bench, so today was the first day. The All Star team she is on, has 7 original players from the team that won 1st place in the season and their coaches and only 5 players that were picked from the other teams and the 4 girls have to trade out positions in the outfield!
Autumn is a really good player and this is the 7th year she has played, so she knows what to do. So it has been a hard day watching your child sit the bench, when you know she knows how to play and she has worked so hard at the practices! I think they knew all along that they were going to play the 7 original girls in their original positions! :(
Just a little mad...if you can't tell! But I am So proud of her for what she has already accomplished this year!
Anyway, we are playing again in the morning at 9:45, so we will see how we do! :)
Here she is one of the few times she played today! She did get a good hit batting today and got a RBI!

Check back tomorrow for another EBTKS Challenge! :)


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