Monday, January 18, 2010

We Need More Love & Smiles :)

Good Morning! I am SO excited to share the news with ya'll! As of this weekend, we have meet the goal for St. Jude's of 200! But as my husband and I where talking (as I was counting all of the cards), the Lord revealed to us that, we can help even more kids! Praise God!

Some may have heard of Texas Children's Hospital in Houston Texas. This place is very dear to our hearts. My son Chace was bitten by our dog back 2004, a couple of days after we had went through our very first Hurricane in our town! We had no electricity and only one local hospital was opened, only for stabilizing and then they had to release them. My son received 36 stitches in the back of his head and they left a dime size hole above his ear, where his scalp was off. (Sorry to be so graphic, but that hole, could have been a problem.) They sent my son by ambulance to Texas Children's Hospital about 2 hours away, and there, he received the rest of the stitches, to close up the hole, and he had a total of 45 stitches in the back of his head! It was a very scary time in our lives, but Texas Children's Hospital was there to comfort us! Just walking in there, the halls are full of children's art work, it was Amazing!
They have helped so many of our friends children too! One of my daughter's friends spends lots of days in Texas Children's, and her mother said this card drive would really touch their lives, because they have experienced the donations firsthand and they were very touched by them!

So since the St. Jude drive goal is met, I would like to help the children at Texas Children's Hospital. All of the rules are the same as the St. Jude drive. All donations, need to be here by the end of the month. Your names will still be put into the drawing for prizes. More prizes will be added soon, so check back for that! You can find all the info on the guidelines for the cards here on this post. I hope you all can join me, in touching even more kids lives! They see SO many patients there, so we will collect as many as we can until the end of January! We will bring the cards to the hospital a couple of days before we leave for Tennessee. They make Valentines bags for all of the kids, so they will put the cards in their bags. So I will not get to hand these out, but I know the Volunteers will make sure they make it into their hands on Valentines Day! :)
So if you have cards they you were going to send to St. Jude's, please send them for this drive! Sweet Courtney is working on a new logo for the drive, so I hope to have that ready for you tomorrow, so check back for that!
Also, don't for get the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Sketch Challenge is going on, and the sketch would be great for the valentines cards! Then you could have your entry for the challenge and some cards made for the kids! :)

I hope ya'll are as excited as I am! Because there will be more love and smiles on Valentines Day! :) Thank You!

Have a Blessed day!


Amy Heller said...

That's so wonderful Winter! My daughter and I made 8 this morning and plan on getting you at least 15 - I will send them to you by the end of the week!

Amy :)

Anita Rex said...

I have been finishing a few up and want to mail them by the end of the week, I am glad you got all for St Jude's but also glad that I can still send mine!

Maureen said...

Oh, I'm so glad you'll still be able to use my cards...I mailed them on Saturday and they should get to you in a week :)

Unknown said...

I have four cards that I have made so far and haven't mailed them yet, so they can go to the other cause instead! It's all good!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Thats awesome Winter! If you get even more cards than what they need... Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital is in Nashville! Ha!! God is Good!!

itsallrosi said...

this is great news!

Kimberly's Krafts said...

Praise God! That is awesome Winter....mailed mine out to you today for St. Jude I will try to send more for Texas Childrens Hospital. :) You guys are amazing!


Helen F. said...

Hey Winter, I was just about to email you to see if you needed more cards cause I wanted to use the EBTKS sketch to make a few more V-Day cards. This is really another awesome act of kindness of your part~off to make more cards:o)

Laura.K said...

Oh, What a story with your son! Good that everything is now Ok.
I manage finally to rich the post office (a nice flu put me down for a few days) and the package is on its way.

So 6 cards from me. Thanks for the chance to help.