Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hey everybody! Well it has been raining like crazy here today! We even had some flash flood watches! It stopped now and it got colder! I like it a little bit cold, but not REAL cold! We have taken vacations in Colorado and New Mexico in February when it still snowing, but to me it feels colder in Texas! We were in short sleeve shirt while it was snowing there, but here the air feels wet! Anyway, I am enjoying the cool air!
I wanted to share a shirt I made for Autumn last week for the Homecoming game. We are the Warren Warriors and ours colors are orange, black, & white! It is a little bit big on her, so that means I can wear it too! I think I might wear it to the Cheerleading competition this weekend! This is my first time sewing a shirt like this! It was alot of fun! :) Well here it is! :) (The colors look better in person, Blogger does something weird!) :)
T-shirt, Zebra fabric, and rhinestones- WalMart
Orange polka dot fabric- JoAnn's
Pattern for letters cut from Cricut
Have a Blessed night!


Kelley Eubanks said...

This is great!! You did a fantastic job!!

Vanessa said...

Fab job!!


Maureen said...

very cool!! I love how you used your cricut for the letters...I bet the orange really pops in person...I hear ya about Blogger doing weird things to colours. Teal always turns up turquoise for me !! Have a fun night!!