Sunday, February 12, 2017

Card Drive Prize Winners

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay, I hosted a baby shower at my house yesterday, so it took some time to get my house back to normal and presentable after the Card Drive and I've been  making gifts for the baby too! :)

So without further are the winners! (I'll be sending out emails, so be looking for those!) I really wish I could give Every single one of you a gift! Thank you so much for making this such a Huge success!

Prize #1
2 winners) $50.00 prize package
1) Tiffany Au
2) Kelley Lesniak

Prize #2
2 winners) Full set of Little bitty & Middy bags
1) Michelle Ledbetter
2) Alice Mantifel

Prize #3
Lorie Manfre

Prize #4
Unity Stamp Package
Helen Fournier

Prize #5
$50.00 Gift Certificate
Karen O'Connor

Prize #6
Anonymous Donation
Avery Elle Brushed Stamp set
LeAnn Strickland

Prize #7
$10 Gift certificate
1) Mayra Concepcio'n
2) Emily Stam

Prize #8
Anonymous Donation
2 winners) Close To My Heart Stamp set (double sets)
1) Diane Schneider
2) Donna Koehler

Prize #9
Anonymous Donation
Close To My Heart Stamp set
Judy Marino

Prize #10
Anonymous Donation
Pink Fresh Studio Birthday Love Stamp set
Michele Smith

Prize #11
You're Koalafied Stamp set
Patricia Craighead

Prize #12
Buckets of Love Stamp set
Linda Rubarski

And Thank you to my son Chace, who is almost 16 and still draws the winners out of the bucket for me every year! <3 p="">Thank you all for another Awesome year! See ya'll next year! :)



Mary-Anne V said...

Congrats to the winner and a big thank you to Winter and her team of hardworking helpers. Happy Valentines Day!

KrisCrafter said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Great prizes to help with making cards for next year❣

Helen F. said...

Congratulations to all the winners. What an impressive number of cards submitted to this wonderful cause this year!

Unknown said...

I just want to share with you, my oldest daughter was due the first day of Summer, I named her Summur (yes ‘ur’), then my other daughter was born 12/26 and my dad wanted me to name her Winter, because of the season thing. I didn’t but seeing your name brought back good memories and I had wanted to say you are so kind to do the card give away and we certainly do Not need prizes. I think you should get prizes!