Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scooting by to say...Happy Valentine's Day Card and a Card Drive Update

Good morning! I wanted to share a couple more cards I made for the Card Drive. These stamps are from Paper Smooches and they are Adorable! Go check out their cute stamps, you will love them! :)  And Paper Smooches is one of our sponsors for the Card Drive too! Thank you SO much, Paper Smooches!
The "Happy Valentine's Day" sentiment is from a Close To My Heart stamp set, I believe.
The cards are coming in Super sloooow! I have only received 156 cards and I have made 40 so far! You never know how many cards you will receive, so it's hard to promise any hospitals, until you know how many you will receive. I have 6 hospitals so far, that will accept cards. So my goal for now, is about 675. I know there are cards coming in, but if you still have cards to send or if you are thinking of not sending any, because you think we will have plenty...send them anyway! I would love to make the goal and then have more to send to more hospitals!
Remember that we only have 1 week left! Deadline is Jan. 31!
I believe it is very important to help out with Card Drives! I help out as much as I can with other ones, because I know how much it means to them, to have a successful drive! It is a lot of time and effort, but most of all, a  Blessing! I will continue to do this Card Drive, until the Lord sees fit for me not to. Even if we don't collect our goal...I will make them myself, because I feel so strongly about this Card Drive! The countless hours organizing, emails, stuffing's all worth it, when I receive the emails from people who encourage you to continue to send them. Parents who have children in hospitals, people have been in hospitals themselves, the hospital staff that writes letters and emails, Thanking you for all the Beautiful cards from all over the world! That is a pat on your backs, as well! Without all of you cardmakers...I would be trying to make all the cards myself and wouldn't have any sleep and a life with my family! So I Thank all of you, who take the time to share your passion and love of cardmaking!
Ok, I guess I can get off my soapbox now and go work on my new house! Thank ya'll for listening to my rambling! :) 
Today is mine and my husbands 17 year anniversary of when we started dating! :) He truly is my Best Friend and Soul Mate! Here we are at our first prom together, about 4 mths after we started dating. We were just little babies! :) 
Have a Blessed Day!,


Helen F. said...

Happy Anniversary, Winter! You both look so wonderful! Wishing you continued joy and love in your marriage!
I sent off my cards on Tuesday and hope you get them today or tomorrow.
I wish I had more time this year...don't know how the days keep creeping up on me ~ seems i'm always playing catch up for birthdays and holidays lately :(

~amy~ said...

Awwwww...cute pic!

Love all your fun cards:)

Jess said...

Cute cards! I will be sending out some cards on Saturday and including cards made by the 3 kindergarten classes at my school!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your cards!! They are beautiful!!!! I will send more out this weekend!! Happy anniversary!!!

Mary-Anne V said...

Happy Anniversary. I just wanted you to know to not worry... as some have already said the cards are coming. I sent my cards on Thursday so they should reach you in a day or two.

pegs said...

I sent my package off yesterday....Happy Anniversary!!!! I posted a link to your site on my's a little blog, but maybe it will help. Thank you for what you are doing!

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. My package is being delivered to the post office today.