Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Card Drive TOTALS!

Hey everybody! Sorry this post is late. I've been waiting on a package from one of the sponsors and I wanted to get all the cards sent off. So both of those are done and it's time to share the totals and I will have another post for the winners! :)

First of all...we serve an Awesome God! He laid this project on my heart, 3 years ago and it has grown SO much since then! Although sometimes it was tough and looonngggg hours :), He lead me through it, each step of the way! Thank you, Lord! And Thank you, to each and everyone of you that sent cards and to all the sponsors! I couldn't have done it without you!

The total number of cards sent was 3,000 cards!!!!!!!

How crazy is that number?!! The total was 2,999, so I decided to make 1 more card to round it to 3,000! :)
That is more than both of the previous years combined! WOW! :)

We were able to send it to 13 hospitals, 1 Foster home, and 1 special education class. The other 2 years, we only sent to 3 hospitals. WOW, again! :)

Here are the hospitals:

St. Jude Children's Hospital- TN
Texas Children's Hospital- TX
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital- TN
St. Louis Children's Hopsital- MI
Shands Hospital for Children UF- FL
St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa- FL
Nationwide Children's Hospital- OH
Shriners Hospital for Children- Houston- TX
Shriners Hospital for Children- Galveston- TX
Shriners Hospital for Children- Boston- MA
Shriners Hospital for Children- Northern CA
Shriners Hospital for Children- Cincinnati- OH
Children's Hospital Colorado- CO
Sinclair Childrens Foster Home- TX
Govalle Elementary- Special Education Class- TX

Thank ya'll so much! I will be right back with a post of the winners! :)


JenMarie said...

This is AWESOME!

Karen B. said...

This is amazing! How can we add our local hospital to the list? (There are around 20 pediatric patients.) Thank you so much for coordinating.

Lee said...

That is just fantastic!!!!

Andrea W said...

It's wonderful what can happen when you combine creativity and compassion. Thanks for all your hard work!

pcm said...

WOW! how many hearts you have touched :)