Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pendleton Place Card Project

Hey everybody! Well it's been a crazy last couple of days, with taking care of Chace and his boils! Those things are EVIL!!! Praying he gets better soon and that we never have to deal with those again!!!

Well I wanted to share a project that I was notified about. I was sent this email and I plan on sending LOTS of my cards that I have in my "box". Praise God, it was at the perfect time! I was just started to sort through them! So here is the email with all the info. I hope you will join us in this project.

Hello Ladies,

I am putting together a package of cards for the Pendleton Place, and wondered if you could possibly help me out?
I'm looking to put together a special care package for the children at Pendleton Place (www.pendletonplace.org) which will include an assortment of handmade cards. I'm working with one of the coordinators there, and I've offered to send in an assortment of cards for the kids to give each other for birthdays, get well, "have a nice day" kind of cards for each other, and to send to their family. It's an extremely worthwhile cause that has always been close to my heart. If you have an interest in participating, and/or could possibly post the information on your blogs, please let me know. I'm going to set the deadline for the end of May 27, 2011 to receive the cards, so there's plenty of time.

Here is my address.. feel free to send me your creations by May 27th:

Linda Johnson - "Card project"
6085 English Creek Ave

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Thanks.. look forward to hearing from you soon. I would recommend the cards are colorful, cheerful and uplifting as many of the kid have had a real difficult time in life so far in life. Please look over the website for additional information on the children's home. I would love-love-love if you could please help spread the word. An assortment of uplifting cards would be most appreciated! If you have a cute idea for another item such as book marks or something of that sort, feel free to include the item(s) and I'll send them as well.. Please include envelopes for your cards.

Many thanks.

Have a Blessed Day!

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linda said...

Thanks for posting this Winter. I look forward to seeing the creative cards real soon! E-mail me with any questions.LJsCreativeCraft@aol.com