Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girly Gifts

Hey everybody! Well I'm back again today with a gift set that I made for Autumn's teacher/softball coach/basketball coach/pitching coach. She helped out alot last year and how we first met was, she loved Autumn's hair flower that I made her and she asked if she could buy some from me. Well she also told Autumn that she would help her with pitching, so I figured I would just trade her hair accessories for lessons. So I made her some for her twin girls and put them on headbands. I figured that she helped her out so much with everything, that I would make her girls a gift set at the end of the year! And her and her girls loved them! :)
Here is the Thank you card, it matches the gift set perfect! ;)

I used a tutorial from Youtube to make these TuTu's. And of course all twins usually wear pink and purple, (I wasn't even a twin and my Mom dressed me and my sister like that!) :) I bought little tank tops from Walmart and made some fabric ruffles and sewed them on and little H's for their names (Hannah & Hayden). I bought some little shorts to go underneath and of course I made some more headbands!
Here is the purple set.And the pink set.
And both.
This set makes me wish I made these when Autumn was a baby! She would have been so cute in it! I told her that I could make her one now if she wanted one! :)

Ok, well that is it for today. It feels good to get some time to post something! Life is busy!

Have a Blessed day!


Ayana Posadas said...

Wow. You are very talented!
I can't believe you made all of this. Everything is super cute! :)

Alex said...

Wow, so cute! You should definitely set up an etsy shop, those tutu's would sell for sure! Great job, I love them!

Kelley Eubanks said...

HOW CUTE!! What a great gift. You are so sweet! I am sure she loved them... who wouldn't!?!?! Love the tutu's. Can you make me one to wear around the house? :)

Kerrianne said...

This all is soooo fabulous!! Great job Winter!! :)