Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Autumn!

Good morning! Well today is my sweet baby girl's 12th Birthday! I cannot believe she is already 12! I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday. She changed my life for the better, when she was born. She is so sweet, loving, talented, smart and beautiful! She makes me so proud! I love you Boo! :)
Since our kids started Pre-K, we have ALWAYS went and ate with them at school on their Birthday and we would bring their choice of food! Autumn always wants Subway and Chace always wants McDonald's! So today I will be bringing Autumn her lunch, but I won't be staying with her to eat it. You see, me and her Daddy aren't cool anymore! :( This is her first year in Jr. High and parents don't really eat with their kids at school there. I'm sure it's the kids choice, not the parents! :)
Here is a picture of Autumn on our trip to Tennessee. This is at the Heartbreak Hotel that we stayed at. They had a really nice lobby, with all the funky little chairs! So we just had our own little photo shoot that morning! I'm sure everyone thought we were a bunch of Texas nuts! :) Oh well, it was worth it! :)
Since we aren't having a party at school like we usually do, I decided to make cookies, (actually Chance baked them for me, because his are the best) and I decorated the bags. They are for her friends she sits with at lunch. They will have their own little birthday party lunch, (and Momma & Daddy aren't invited.) :( We told her we were going to dress up like clowns and come in her lunch and preform for the whole lunch room! She was mad about that! We really wouldn't do that, we just wanted to tease her, because we're mean like that! :)

I used the American Crafts Teen paper and Dawn's Just a Note stamp set to dress them up!
Well I am off to get Autumn's lunch and get dressed up in my clown suit! ;)
Have a Blessed day!


Courtney Baker said...

Give her a big birthday hug from me!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!! Such a beautiful young lady, just like her mother!

Christina Smith said...

Happy brithday, Autumn!!!!

Nancy L. said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!

Lynnette said...

She's a beautiful girl, and a fortunate one to have such loving parents.

You are taking the teenage rejection quite well, I have to commend you!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Alice said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn!! and you are just the cutest mom, WInter!! =)

Kimberly's Krafts said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!! She is so beautiful Winter! Just like her mama!!! :)

I know how you feel when they grow up and we have to back off a little. My son is now 22 and it makes me so happy when he comes to see me and still likes to hang out with his mom!!! :)
Cherish every moment Winer! It goes soooo fast!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Happy Bday Autumn... sorry I am late! :) Hope you guys had a great time on her birthday!

Alex said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!