Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry I have not posted in a couple of days! I have been busy since my friend got the baby on Tuesday afternoon! I went shopping for clothes and I have made a couple of cute things for him! I will take pics of them tomorrow! I had to take Chace to the dentist today for his first filling ever! He was not liking the numb filling, he kept asking how long will this take to go away! But he was feeling better after it wore off!
Since I don't have anything new to post, here is a couple of cards I made for the Paper Crafts Clean & Graphic Challenge last month, these didn't win, but I was very grateful that another one of mine did! :) These are some very simple Christmas Cards! But I enjoy making them simple! :) Well it's getting late, I better get to bed! Night! :)
Have a Blessed night!


Vanessa said...

These a super cute! Love your clean and simple style!


Amy Heller said...

Winter, these are delightful! I LOVE Them! Great job!

Jessica said...

I think these are all great, Winter!! So glad to here the baby is in his new mommy's hands. PTL!!!

Maureen said...

simply adorable!! sometimes more is less...on cards and fashion outfits!! have a fabulous Friday :)

Gabriela said...

I adore your cards, particularly the gumdrop and peppermint cards. I sure wish I knew if those gumdrops are a rubber stamp or if perhaps you trummed them from DP. I wonder if you'd be willing to share your source for those heart-stopping gumdrops... I'd be mighty grateful. Thank you.

Kim J. said...

Oh, wow, Winter! I love it when you do clean & simple designs with lots of white space -- you're so good at them. (Love everything else you do too, but these are my favs). :)