Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hey everybody! Well it has been a week since my last post. I thought I would check-in and let you know what I've been up to. Well Monday was my Birthday! I turned the Big 3-1! I had a pretty good day! My sweet hubby bought me a new laptop. I went with a HP & it's Pink! It is alot better & faster than my old computer, I just need to get use to using something different! Thank you for all of the Brthday wishes and Thank you to the friends who sent me cards! I LOVED them all! :)
I also called my Dr. on Monday and found out that they got my results back from my ultrasound that they did on my thyroid (almost 2 weeks ago)! Not sure if they would have let me know if I didn't call them about something different! :( It has been a very scary month for me and it feels like they have just overlooked me! (I'm not very happy about that!) But anyway, I now have an appointment with my Thyroid Dr. I found out about 4 yrs ago that I had a nodule on my thyroid, so I started seeing a specialist and he checked it often and everything seemed normal and the nodule wasn't growing. I missed my appointment 2 years ago and and I didn't ever reschedule. It was on my to do list untill all this throat stuff started! Not sure what the size of the nodule was before, but it is now 3mm big. I will find out if it has grown since 2 years ago, when I go to the Dr. on Tuesday. My throat has been pretty good, I still feel something in my throat, but I guess that could be the nodule and it still has flare-ups like it is swelling sometimes. But I am very Thankful that it's better than it was!

I found out tonight that my Step-brother is making progress! Sunday will be 3 weeks since his car accident. He has been in a medicated coma since then. But today he opened his eyes, his mom stuck out her tongue at him and he stuck his back at her, and she said give me a kiss and he puckered his lips! PRAISE GOD! We are all so excited about this news! The Dr. said they are unsure how bad his head trauma is, but after today.....we are seeing the miracle God is doing in his life and health! :) He has had some set backs with infections and things, but today is a GREAT day! Thank you all for the prayers for him and for me and for our whole family! Ya'll really are great friends! Thank you!

Well I guess I need to get into bed! I have a busy weekend! I do get to sleep in in the morning (I am very excited about that)! Then Chace has a football game and I am hosting a baby shower for a friend of mine. I have been making LOTS of cute stuff, so I hope to be sharing that soon! Stay tuned! :) I am trying to get all my info from my other computer onto my new one so I can post my card pics!
Have a Blessed weekend! :)



Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happy birthday:) Always love a new laptop for a bday present--that is what I got this year!! I love it:) Glad you are doing well--with your thyroid. SOOOOOO glad that your SB is making progress! That is great! God is def. the ULTIMATE HEALER:)

Can't wait to see your creations--always love visiting your blog:) Happy birthday!!

Kim Wilson said...

Wow Winter! What a lot of goings on! What a miracle! So awesome! :)
Thank you for visiting my little blog today btw! You are so inspirational!

Anthonette said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Winter! You are a young-in! Sorry to hear about your thyroid. Hope everything is good. Happy to hear your step-brother is able to react to his mom. Take care.