Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am way behind on posting my projects! I have been super busy with my mom's birthday, vacation, basketball games, a wedding, you name it we've been doing it! :) I wouldn't change it for the world though! So here are my kids Valentines gift's. I bought cheap little photo albums at Wal-Mart and made a 4X6 card from A-Z, I put a picture on each page and told something about them or described the picture on each page starting with the letter. They really enjoyed these, they loved seeing picture from babies until now.

Here is Autumn's cover and her page for Y, I love that picture of her! So pretty!

Here is Chace's cover and his page for T, I love this picture of him too, he was so proud of that metal!

This is a little frame, I got the idea over here, My husband made this one. I painted , decorated, and put the 6X6 scripture cards I have been working on in it for my mom's birthday. She loved it and so do I. I'm going to have to make one for myself. Here is the front view, side view, and on the bottom is a cross.

Here are some 6X6 scripture cards I made a couple of weeks ago for the Scripture Challenge.
I put these in the frame holder for my mom. She lost her husband in October and reading God's word is where she has gotten her strength through this hard time!

Here is a card I did today for a wedding my husband preformed. It is for a sweet couple that goes to our church. I have never used this stamp, so I figured I would use it. I really like how it turned out. I think I am caught up for now! That's for looking! God Bless!


Jennifer said...

Hello Winter. Thank you for telling me about the Scripture challenges! I have entered my card in the Divine Design one. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back any time. I like your blog too! Beautiful background too.

michelle said...

Hello Winter, thanks so much for visiting today...your cards are great!
Yes we are trying to adopt give my thoughts to your friends..this is one interesting tough but will be so worth it!
Thanks for the prayers...

m :)