Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Who's Ready for a New Card Drive?

 Hey everybody! It's been awhile since ya'll have heard from me! I've been doing pretty good. Just trying to get back to normal life...or whatever that is! 

Some of you have emailed asking how my health was and Praise the Lord, I'm doing good! I just had another 6 month check-up and everything looks good! I'll have to have 6 month check-ups for the first 5 years and then it will be yearly for probably the rest of my life, but honestly, I'm ok with that! I would rather be watched closely. My hair has grown back to normal and most of the chemo curls are gone now. I've had several surgeries and still have a few more, but I'm doing good. 

I have had a few emails asking about the Card Drive for the kids for Valentine's Day as well and with Covid restrictions still at the hospitals, it's still not going to happen right now. We send cards to some very sick kids, so I understand completely on the strict rules! 

However, I have another project that I have been praying about and talking to someone about. When I had my double mastectomy, I was given a Blessing Box that a dear friend had nominated me for. It is truly a "Blessing Box"! It has a mastectomy pillow and a button up shirt with pockets on the inside to hold drains from surgery, socks, and other thoughtful little gifts to let you know they are thinking about you! The lady who started the organization is named Dawn Compton. She too is a breast cancer survivor and had made herself a mastectomy pillow and shirt and then others started seeing her shirt at the Drs appointments, so she started making them for their patients and she started making pillows for others and now she has a group of men and women who come together and sew (they call it their "sew-ins") and they make them for women and some men. She's already sent several thousand to ladies and some men the last few years. It's a pretty Awesome organization! 

When I received my Blessing Box back in 2019, I messaged Dawn immediately and asked if I could send cards for the boxes when I was recovered and feeling better and she said Absolutely! So, while I was recovering from chemo and surgeries, I was making cards! I wanted to make as many as I could until I knew for sure I was going to be able to tackle another Card Drive. I was able to make 1,000 cards and decided that I did in fact want to try and have another Card Drive since I was doing much better health wise. And I was able to ship those out today.

So, are ya'll ready for another Card Drive? These cards are for women who are going through surgeries, some have been going through chemo and some that could be sick and fighting for their lives, so please be mindful of that and if you are sick, please wait to make the cards and send them when you are well. There really isn't going to be a lot of rules like the Valentine's Day Card Drive has for the kids at the hospital. 

Here are the rules:

*The cards need to be no bigger than 5 1/2 X 4 1/4 ( I have clear envelopes for them).

*Please leave the inside blank. I have preprinted messages for the inside of each of them that I will add to the inside when I receive them.

*You can add your blog address or stamp "Handmade By" and add your name to the back of the card and your state if you would like.

*These cards are for people who will be healing from surgeries, so you can have sentiments like Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Praying for You, etc. 

*At this time I'm not going to have a deadline on them. I will send them into Dawn when I have collected quite a few. 

*Here is my address for you to send them to.

Cards From the Heart Card Drive

P.O. Box 754

Warren, TX. 77664

Here are a few I made.

I hope you all will join us for an Amazing Ministry that Dawn has started with 

The Blessing Box Project! If you or someone else is having a surgery and needs a mastectomy pillow and drain shirt, you can find Dawn's page on FaceBook at The Blessing Box Project or if you would like to give a monetary donation or a donation from her Amazon wish list for supplies, you can message her on the page. This is a non-profit organization, so all of the proceeds go to the project.

Thank you all for your continued support with the Card Drive for all these years and for checking on me and sending me get well cards when I was sick and most of all for all the prayers, I really appreciate it! 💗

~Winter Sims