Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everybody! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sure all the kids got to open their cards today! The though of their sweet smiles, makes me SO happy! Thank you all, who helped make that possible!
Well I have a card to share with you today. This is a card I made for my husband for Valentine's Day and I got the idea from Pinterest (LOVE that site)! He has gone with me a few time to the eye Dr and he always picks on me about not getting the letters right in the exam! He has Great vision, so he has NO clue about blurry letters! :) So I thought this card was very fitting for him! :)
Well my daughter will play her first Varsity Softball game tonight and then I guess we will go have a Valentine's family dinner, instead of normal Valentine dinner with my husband! :) But I wouldn't miss this game for the world! We are SO excited! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For all of you who are wanting to make some more cards for a Card Drive, go over to Kelly Bertram's blog at She is doing a Card Drive for a sweet little girl named Emma, who is fighting Leukemia. It is not a Valentine's Day Card Drive, so make sure you go by her blog and read all the rules. I know this little girl will LOVE all these cards! :) So please help!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Card Drive Prize Winners

Prize # 1
(3 Spools of Twine)
(Carol Longacre)

Prize #2
($50.00 Gift Certificate)
(Sarah Cassio)

Prize #3
(Stamp Prize Package- $30.00 value)
(Mary-Anne Selders)

Prize #4
(3 Stamp Sets- Winners choice)
(Doreen Lesniak)

Prize #5
($30.00 Gift Certificate)
(Christine Nixon)

Prize #6
(1 Stamp set- Winners choice)
(Patty Smith)

Prize #7
(3 Winners- 1 Stamp set- Winners choice- $40.00 value)
(1.Kelley Lesniak)
(2. Johnna Buntin)
(3. Jess Moyer)

Prize #8
($10.00 Gift Certificate)
(Mary-Anne Venginickal)

Prize #9
($25.00 Gift Card)
(Lorie Manfre)

Prize #10
($40.00 Store Credit)
(Connie Gessmann)

Prize #11
(2 Winners- 1 Year digital magazine subscription)
(1. Debbie Halstead)
(2. Emily Stam)

Prize #12
(1 Free 8X10 Picture Canvas- Free shipping to US) 
(excluding Alaska & Hawaii)
(Kristy Cox)

Prize #13
(2 Winners- $25.00 Gift Certificates each)
(1. Nancie Warfel)
(2. Emma Sleppy)

Prize #14
(Close to My Heart package)
(Josephine Moyer)

Prize #15
(Close to My Heart rub-on's package)
(Teresa Godines)

I will be sending emails out to all the Sponsors with your email addresses, so be looking for emails from them. 

I want to say Thank you to all the Sponsors for all the prizes 
and Thank you to all the card makers, you are all Amazing!!!
And Thank you to my kids for helping me with Drawing names! :)

Have a Blessed Weekend! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Cards From the Heart Card Drive" Totals

Hey everybody! Let me just say....I have been a BUSY girl and I think I need a vacation now! :) I LOVE doing this Card Drive every year, but I must say it gets tiring! But the cards have been mailed, I'm almost finished with the drawing and then I can recoup for next year! :) I wanted to mail all the cards off on Friday, but there was a delay in the envelopes and then the cards started POURING in, so I had to order MORE envelopes, so it took the weekend and yesterday to get everything caught up. 
I had a couple of emails of people sending them in late, but I think everyone's cards came in and were shipped out to the hospitals! But PLEASE make sure you send them in by the due date next year. I like to get them in the mail ASAP, so that there are no delays and make sure they are there on Valentine's Day! It would be devastating if they didn't get there on time!

Here is a pic from the weekend. I like to call it the "Cards From the Heart Card Drive" Sweat Shop! :) I had my husband, my kids, and my nieces over to help finish up with stuffing envelopes! :) They didn't want me to take a picture of their faces, since they weren't "picture ready"! So I just took a picture of some of the process. :) They were a BIG help! I'm very Thankful that I made them come over and help! ;)

And this is what 4,240 cards look like packaged! :) Can you believe that total?! It is CRAZY to me! The Lord truly AMAZES me! 
 The most we have ever collected was 2 years ago and the total was 3,000! I CANNOT Thank you all enough! Ya'll are AMAZING!!!! I get letters in the mail from some of you who make these cards in memory of your kids (so inspiring to me), I had one lady tell me that when she was in 2nd grade, her class made her cards when she was sick in the hospital and she STILL has them to this day! I LOVE that!

 It is truly overwhelming for me at times! I NEVER knew this Card Drive would grow like it has! It started off as a ministry for me to collect 200 cards for St. Jude and then it grew and we had to add more hospitals. We gave to the same amount of hospitals this year. We lost one hospital, but then turned around and gained another BIG hospital and we were able to give WAY more to them! 
I would LOVE to add more hospitals next year. If any of you have a hospital in mind, email me the hospital and I will contact them and see if they might be interested for next year.

Here is a list of where the cards went this year.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
TX Children's Hospital
St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa
Shands Hospital for Children UF -Florida
Nationwide Children's Hospital- Ohio
St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Shriners Hospital for Children- Cincinnati
Shriners Hospital for Children- Northern California
Shriners Hospital for Children- Boston
Shriners Hospital for Children- Galveston
Shriners Hospital for Children- Houston
Sinclair Children's Center- foster home
Hailee- A little girl I've been praying for on Facebook, who is battling cancer.

Well I need to go. I have a LOT more names to add to the drawing! I hope to be done with it hopefully soon and then I will draw the winners and post who the winners are. I'm getting excited for ya'll, there is some GREAT prizes! Thanks again to all the Sponsors! :)

Thank you all again for making this a GREAT Card Drive and I hope you all have a very Blessed day!