Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Card Drive Winners!!!

Ok, now it's time for the winners! :) Thank you all again, for the hard work! 

Here it goes! :)

Every winner will also get 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine. :) ( I will be sending those off on Monday.)

Prize #1-  5 Digi Stamps from Tiffany Doodles & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Julia Goetzinger

Prize #2- 3 Spools of Twine from Whisker Graphics & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Johnna Buntin (Johnna was a real trooper! She sent in 402 cards this year! Thanks, Johnna!) :)

Prize #3- $50.00 Gift Certificate from Lawn Fawn & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Anita Recksiedler 

Prize #4- 2 Stamp Sets (winners choice) from Wplus9 Design Studio & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Jennifer McDermott

Prize #5- A package of assorted stamps ($25.00 value) from Purple Onion Designs & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Alexandra Bischoff

Prize #6- A package of assorted stamps ($25.00 value) from Purple Onion Designs & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Lynnette Kauffman

Prize #7- A package of assorted stamps ($25.00 value) from Purple Onion Designs & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Carla MacLafferty
Prize #8- $40.00 store credit to Artful Delight & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Leslie Hansen

Prize # 9- Subscription to CARDS magazine from Northridge Publishing Co. & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Ngan Le Raskin

Prize # 10- Subscription to Scrapbook Trends magazine from Northridge Publishing Co. & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Dana Clenney

Prize #11- 3 Stamps sets from Paper Smooches & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Mary-Anne Venginickal 

Prize #12- Because of You- Ippity Stamp set from JenMarie & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts magazine- Karen McAlpine

Prize #13- $20.00 Gift Certificate from EAD Designs & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Carol Ann Feltus 

Prize #14- 2 Stamp Sets ($15.00 each) from Blockheads Paper Arts & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts magazine- Darleen Crosgrove

Prize #15- 2 Stamp Sets ($15.00 each) from Blockheads Paper Arts & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts magazine- Diana Gravitt

Prize #16- Stamp Bundle from My Thoughts Exactly & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Lessa Berry

Prize #17- Wishes & Kind Thoughts Set from Avocado Arts & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Renee Lynch

Prize #18- Hello Friend Stamp set from Avocado Arts & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Kristin Anderson

Prize #19- Valentine Twine Bundle ($84.00 value) from the Twinery & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Lorie Manfre

Prize #20- $25.00 Gift Certificate from Gina K. Designs & 2 magazines from Paper Crafts Magazine- Sue Coubrough
I will be emailing all the email addresses of the winners, to the sponsors tonight. So you should hear from them soon. :) And please remember next year, to send your email address with your cards that you send to me. I can't email you about winning a prize if I don't have it. (I do have all the addresses to the winners this year though.) 

Thanks so much to all the sponsors and card makers! I seriously couldn't have done it without you!
God Bless you all!


2012 Card Drive TOTALS!

Hey everybody! Sorry this post is late. I've been waiting on a package from one of the sponsors and I wanted to get all the cards sent off. So both of those are done and it's time to share the totals and I will have another post for the winners! :)

First of all...we serve an Awesome God! He laid this project on my heart, 3 years ago and it has grown SO much since then! Although sometimes it was tough and looonngggg hours :), He lead me through it, each step of the way! Thank you, Lord! And Thank you, to each and everyone of you that sent cards and to all the sponsors! I couldn't have done it without you!

The total number of cards sent was 3,000 cards!!!!!!!

How crazy is that number?!! The total was 2,999, so I decided to make 1 more card to round it to 3,000! :)
That is more than both of the previous years combined! WOW! :)

We were able to send it to 13 hospitals, 1 Foster home, and 1 special education class. The other 2 years, we only sent to 3 hospitals. WOW, again! :)

Here are the hospitals:

St. Jude Children's Hospital- TN
Texas Children's Hospital- TX
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital- TN
St. Louis Children's Hopsital- MI
Shands Hospital for Children UF- FL
St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa- FL
Nationwide Children's Hospital- OH
Shriners Hospital for Children- Houston- TX
Shriners Hospital for Children- Galveston- TX
Shriners Hospital for Children- Boston- MA
Shriners Hospital for Children- Northern CA
Shriners Hospital for Children- Cincinnati- OH
Children's Hospital Colorado- CO
Sinclair Childrens Foster Home- TX
Govalle Elementary- Special Education Class- TX

Thank ya'll so much! I will be right back with a post of the winners! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally my card pics!

Hey everybody! I finally had a spare minute to edit some of my card pics! I have been EXTREMELY busy with getting the Card Drive wrapped up! I should be completely finished very soon! I have still been getting packages of cards everyday!!! So if you haven't sent cards yet...then you will have to wait until next year! :) I am done collecting cards this year! I sent many boxes of cards off on Friday, but I have received so many, that I had to order more envelopes and they finally came in on Saturday, so I was able to finish packaging them up on Sunday. I will be shipping the rest off today and I will be sharing all the totals soon and drawing the winners too! :) I'm excited! :)
I wanted to share some of my card pics! I ended up making 100! Valentine Cards are one of my favorite cards to make! And I get SO much inspiration from the cards, you card makers send in! Seriously! You send some pretty cute cards! :)

Here are some of mine.

This one was inspired my Kristina Werener's card. :)

 I got my idea for the fish card from Kara! Thanks for the inspiration Kara! :)

 Here are the stack of cards I made...all 100! :)
Thanks for hanging in there to see all those pics and sorry it took so long to post! :)
I'll be back soon with all the totals! :)
Have a Blessed day!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good News & PLEASE Don't Send Anymore Cards This Year! :)

Look at this.....

I received over 200 cards TODAY!!! PLEASE DON"T SEND ANYMORE CARDS THIS YEAR! I am running out of places to send them! Having a card drive, (where your not sure how many cards you'll get), it's hard to sponsor more hospitals. So I am having to wait until the last minute on some!
We have SO many cards, that I had to add more hospitals and a foster home for children! Two are located in Florida, one in Ohio, and the children's foster home in located in the town, beside where I live. One of the ladies that donated, mention a couple of hospital's, and I emailed them and they accepted! :) I am still waiting to hear from a few more hospitals, about sponsoring them too. I have been on the phone this afternoon, trying to find more hospitals to send the cards too, because honestly....we have more than we needed! Who would have thought?!! :) And Thanks to my sweet friend, Kelley, for trying to find hospitals too!

I am trying to get all the cards packaged up and ready to be shipped off. We have had SO many cards come in, that I had to order more envelopes! So I am waiting for those envelopes to come in, hopefully Friday and they will all be ready for shipping! I am trying to wait on all of the sponsors to get back from CHA, before I draw the winners, so please be patient with me! :)

I still need to post my card pics and some pics of all the cards too. I have been working NONSTOP on the card drive...and my house shows it! Looks like I will be cleaning this weekend and working on my nieces Baby Shower invites! There is no rest for the weary, I tell ya! :)

I'll try to be back tomorrow with a few pics!
Have a Blessed day!,


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cards Are Pouring In! :)

Hey everybody! Well I wanted to give a little update on the cards! They are Pouring in!!! Woo Hoo! :)

Friday a total of 101 came in.
Saturday a total of 182 came in.
Today (Monday) a total of 306 came in.
I made 30 more.
So the Total so far is 866! :)

There is still time to send cards in. You have until Jan. 31.
Thank ya'll SO much for all of your help! :)

Have a Blessed day!,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reminder: Send in those cards! :)

Hey everybody! Just wanted to give a little reminder, to send in those cards! I know many have said they were making some or wanted to, so I hope you send them in soon. As of today, we have a total of 177 cards sent in, plus I have made 70 cards also!!! So a total of 247 cards! That's not enough...we need more! I'm not freaking out, because I know the Lord has always provided the cards in the years past, and I know He will do it again! :) I just want to remind you, that I need the cards sent to me by January 31. That's only 12 more days, so lets get them in, please! :)
 I have also been adding more sponsors daily! Thanks sponsors! :) You can check them out here.

I have had so much fun make my cards (as I always do), and I have been coloring with my Copics (which I love too, but still need lots of practice at doing)! I am always SO inspired at the cards that I receive! I almost have a hint of what PC and CARDS mags, feel like when they get submissions, only everyone gets to be a winner and send them to make cute little kids happy! :)
I will have to post my pics soon of my cards, after I do a little editing of course, if I can fit it in to the busy day! Autumn has her last Jr. High basketball game tonight! :( I'm a little sad, because she will be in High School next year and that just makes me realize, that my kids are getting older and so am I! :( that I've dried my tears...lets get those cards in! :)

Ya'll have a Blessed Day!,


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magazines helping promote the Valentine's Day Card Drive and a little extra Giveaway!

Good morning! I wanted to share some good news with everybody! Paper Crafts magazine and CARDS magazine are helping promote the Card Drive!!!! How great is that?! :) Not only are both of them sponsoring, but they are helping to spread the word too! Thanks so much Paper Crafts and CARDS magazines! I love both of your magazines and I love youl even more, knowing you truly want cards to mean something to someone!

You can see the mention about the Card Drive here on the Paper Crafts blog.

And here on CARDS Facebook page. And CARDS is also offering a little extra Giveaway! I hope you can check it out! :)

The cards are starting to come in and I always get SO inspired by your cards! Thank ya'll so much, for helping this passion of mine, really happen! :)

Have a Blessed day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Card Drive Update!

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted, but I have been working hard on sponsors, making cards, and don't forget, it's tax time and we now own 2 businesses! So that means paper work and deadlines for the CPA! :)

But I have been working on something else, as well.....WE HAVE ANOTHER HOSPITAL TO SPONSOR! Yes, I shouted that! The St. Louis Children's Hospital! I'm excited to add another one this year! :) 

This Card Drive is a true passion of mine and I'm excited to see it grow! So Thank you to my friend Crystal for mentioning the hospital. :) And now all we need is cards! I have 25 cards from a couple of ladies that sent them in late last year, and I will use them this year and I have gotten 10 from another lady. So please send them in and lets collect even more this year. You have until Jan. 31, to send them.
I would also like to Thank all the Sponsors! Ya'll are all so generous! :) I have been adding to the sponsor list daily, check it out here.
Well I need to go work on more cards and get some pics of them today so I can share them soon.

Have a Blessed day! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Card Drive Sponsors & Prizes

(5 Free Digi Stamps)

(3 Spools of Divine Twine)

($50.00 Gift Certificate)

(2 Stamps Sets- Winner's Choice)

            (3 Prize Packages of Assorted Stamps Valued at $25.00 Each)

                                                      ($40.00 Store Credit)

                            (A CARDS Magazine Subscription)
                    (A Scrapbook Trends Magazine Subscription)

                              (3 Stamp Sets- Winner's Choice)

                (Because of You- Ippity Stamp Set)- from JenMarie
($20.00 Gift Certificate)


(2 Prizes- A Stamp Set- Winners Choices Valued at $15 each.)

(A Stamp Bundle)

(2 Prizes- These 2 Stamp Sets)

(Valentine's Day Twine Pack - $84.00 Retail Value!)

( $25.00 Gift Certificate) 

Sponsors will be added often.