Monday, June 20, 2011

13 yrs. ago

Hey everybody! 13 yrs ago today, I married my best friend and soul mate Chance. Although only 18 & 19 yrs old and a 3 month old baby, we knew we were in love and wanted to grow old together! The Lord has led and guided us along the way and molded our marriage into what it is today! I LOVE you Chance, and know that you have my heart and always will! ♥

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Hey everybody! (Well if there is anyone still there! I haven't posted in FOREVER!) I have been busy with projects and I have started a new hobby...Couponing! I'm sure that's not a big surprise, since watching the show. I have saved TONS! But I don't want a HUGE stockpile, so I'm not going to be that EXTREME! So I have been busy with learning, searching for newspapers, since they don't deliver the bigger newspaper in our area. We have to go to a town about 20 mins away at about 7:30 am on Sunday mornings, before Church. And there is a lot of cutting coupons, and shopping! But I have had time to craft, which is nice! 
Here is a card I made my husband today! We own an A/C business, so I thought an outside condenser would be perfect for a card and it's the brand he loves and we sell...a Lennox! :) 
Well I think it's time to go eat lunch! Have a Blessed day! :)