Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ribbit...that means I {heart} U in frog! Card

Hello! Here is a card I made almost a month ago. I really love the sentiment, my daughter told me to use it! :) And of course...glossy accents! :) Sorry to cut it short, but I have tons to do today!
I posted the BIG prize over on the Prize and Sponsor page! :)

Have a Blessed day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Giving To More Hospitals!

Hello! Guess what?!.....We have met our goal for Card's For St. Jude's! Woo Hoo! Thank ya'll SO much!
My sweet friend Kelley helped me out again this year and contacted Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville TN, and they are going to accept 238 cards this year too! We sent 230 cards to them last year. And believe it or not, we have gotten SO many cards the last few days, that we have met our goal with them too! Woo Hoo! Thank you Jesus! :) So yesterday I contacted Texas Children's Hospital, and they have said they will gladly accept cards too! The lady I spoke with, said that she still remembered the cards from last year and she said those cards were so beautiful! :)
They see SO many patients a day, that they can't even give me a number! So we always send all of the cards that we have left from the card drive.

If you are wanting to send cards, Monday is the last day I will receive them! PLEASE make sure if you send them this late, that they will get here by then!
I have been packaging up the cards and getting a BIG prize together. I have had several people (who want to remain anonymous), send me all kinds of goodies! I will be posting that pic soon on the sponsor and prizes page. Thank you again to all of the Sponsors! Ya'll are AMAZING! And I want to Thank my Sweet friend Kelley, for helping me out with the preparations! And I want to Thank my Sweet friend Christina, for making these logo's! Aren't they cute?! She is so talented!
Have a Blessed day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i {heart} u Card

Hey! Well my husband has been remodeling our Master bedroom and that means, I have been moving around and cleaning up my craft area! And while I was cleaning, I found all kinds of stuff I had stamped and colored and just put in a little basket on my craft table. So I thought...."Hey, I can use these on my cards!" So here is and image I stamped about a year ago and I just added i {heart} u, using some of my Lawn Fawn stamps. It's a very simple card, but I like it! :)
This one is another St. Jude's card. And a close-up.
I have still been collecting cards everyday! It is such a joy to get them in the mail! Thank you all SO much! :)

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hooked On You Card

Hey! I have a simple little card to share with you today! It is for the St. Jude's Card Drive. I used my Wplus9 Design Studio stamps, Hooked On You. I colored them with my copics.
And a simple little sentiment inside and a Happy Valentine's Day & heart is from PTI.That's it for today!

Have a Blessed day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You "WARM" My {heart} Card

Hey everybody! Some of you might have read about my dog Tucker breaking his elbow. He had surgery on it Friday and stayed at the vet until yesterday. I went and picked him up and this is what he looked like! :( You can't see very well, but he wasn't really up for a photo shoot! His whole front leg is bandaged up with a huge splint on it! It is straight, not bent and it is a chore for him to even walk! :( He is staying inside our house in his kennel and he has been sleeping a lot, because there is really nothing else he can do right now. He will have it bandaged for the next 3 weeks. Let's just's going to be a looonnnggg 3 weeks! Look at the empty IV bag on his foot! It's so he doesn't drag a hole in it. :(
He woke me up this morning at 5:30 to go out to use the restroom, as I stood out on the porch waiting on him, a stink bug FLEW in my HAIR! YUCK! (I don't know if everybody knows what those are, but we have them here in Southeast Texas, and they STINK! They are just small little bugs, but they pack a nasty smell! I had to come in and wash my hair before I laid back down in the bed.
Here is another card I made for the St. Jude's Card Drive. It's very similar to another card I made a couple of weeks ago.
And a close-up.
I have received lots of cards, if you still haven't sent them, next Monday Jan. 31, will be the last day for me to receive them. So please get them in soon.
Well Tucker needs to go out for a bathroom break! :)
Have a Blessed night!

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Cards for St. Jude's

Hey everybody! Well today I wanted to share some more cards I made for St. Jude's! I made them all with the same layout and I used the Lawn Fawn, My Silly Valentine stamps again! It is a lot easier to make several cards that are the same then have to think of a design for all of them! I have made TONS of cards for the drive and I have really enjoyed it and I can't make myself stop! :)

If you have made cards and have not sent them to me...please send them soon! It is really the last week, because next Monday is the last day for me to accept them. I want to make sure they get there in plenty of time! And PLEASE remember to add your email address with your information when you send them! I have a couple of people who sent cards and there is no email address, so it is kind of hard for the sponsors to get in touch with you for your prize! (If you are one of them and want to send me and email with that information, please do. I have no email or blog to get it from you. Thanks!)
Ok, on to the cards! Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them, we have had rainy and cloudy weather for weeks!

Here's a close-up!

Well that's it for today! Our dog Tucker hurt his front leg Thursday night. We took him to the vet Friday morning and they did an xray and said he broke his elbow! We are thinking he either was stepped on or kicked by one of our horses. If he would have been hit by a car, it would have done more damage than just his elbow. He gets out of the fence all the time! So they had to do surgery on him Friday and put a pin in and they kept him the whole weekend. So I have to go today and pick him up. He will have a splint on his leg for 8 weeks and it has to stay dry and clean and we have to keep him from chewing it off! So that means he will be inside in his kennel A LOT! He is an outside dog, so this is going to be a change for us and him! We usually let him come in when it's cold outside and he is VERY good when he comes in, and snores A LOT! :)

Have a Blessed day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sending My Love Card

Hey! Here is another card for the Cards for St. Jude's! It was a non-published card, but I think it's great for the kids. Way better than sitting in a box, and not getting used! :) I used some of my Wplus9 Design Studio stamps. They are the Mehndi Medallions & Background Builders:Hearts.
If you are making cards for the card drive, Please send them in ASAP! It is already Jan. 20, so that means I only have 11 more days to receive them. And I know there are many kids who would love to get a handmade card on Valentines Day! And there are LOTS of prizes up for grabs! And a close-up!

We are doing a little remodeling at our house. We are re-doing the master bedroom and making a new walk-in closet, redoing the laundry room, and making a small craftroom that will be turned into a bathroom after we build our new house and move out. And repainting all of it! I am really happy about that! :)
Have a Blessed day! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Color My World Card

Hey everybody! Here's a card I made for a card call months ago and it wasn't published. (I don't think I have ever posted it, but who knows?!) I decided to go through my growing stack of cards and see if I had some Valentine-ish ones for the Cards for St. Jude's. I thought this was a good one and figured it could be for a boy or a girl! I will stamp Happy Valentines Day on the inside. I think I have some more in my stack that I will get out and send in too! Do you have any in your stack of cards? Cards that you might have made for a publication and they are still lying around? Send them in for the Cards for St. Jude's, I bet they would LOVE them! :) I am trying a rounded corner thing with my pics...I think I like it so far! :)

Have a Blessed day! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You Card

Hey! Well I had a good weekend! Chace had a basketball game Saturday, they lost but it was a great game! Then Sunday, we had a great day at church! We really feel like we belong at this church we are going to now! They had a healing service Sunday night, so I went to get a healing for this throat issue I have been dealing with for almost 4 mths! And I am believing that it is healed, in Jesus name, Amen! :) I hope ya'lls weekend was good too! :)
I wanted to share another card for St. Jude's. I love shaped cards! I need to make them more! :)
I added some more glossy accents to the heart. :)
Well that's it for today! I hope ya'll are making some cards for the Cards for St. Jude's! The deadline is fast approaching! PLEASE make sure to add your email address with your cards if you want to be in the drawing for the prizes! Some of the prizes require me giving the sponsor your email address so they can get in contact with you for your prize. Thanks! :)
Have a Blessed day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

You Are The 'Candied' Apple Of My Eye Card

Hey everybody! I wanted to let you know that I have added lots of new sponsors and prizes to the St. Jude Card Drive. Go here to see the page.
I wanted to also share another card I made a few weeks age. I really think this is one of my Favorite Lawn Fawn sets! It's the My Silly valentine set. It is PERFECT for the Card Drive! :)
And of course I had to use glossy accents! It looks like a candied apple now! :) Another view.And the glare off the candied apple! :)
I have already started receiving cards for the Drive. I have gotten 61 so far! That's a great start! We still have a couple weeks left, so I hope you can make some cards for the kids! :)
Thanks to everyone who has helped thus far! :)
I also wanted to share some fun news with ya'll! My card was one of the Top 3 from the new Lawnscaping Challenge! :)
Have a Blessed night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You "WARM" my {heart} card

Hey everybody! Have ya'll seen this new challenge? It's called Lawnscaping Challenge. It's challenges using Lawn Fawn stamps! I love this idea, so I just had to play! I am cutting it close, because today is the last day! I have been busy with another project and with the Cards for St. Jude's, so I haven't had time to play. But today, I put paper work on hold and got busy. I knew I wanted to make a Valentine card for the card here is what I made.'s a girl fire! :) I used my Cozy Christmas stamp set for the his & her fire. I stamped it on a clear acetate sheet and then laid my paper over it and the image stamped on it. then I had to trace around it with a black marker to make it stand out more. And I added eyelashes and a bow. Since the challenge was to be all about snow, I tore paper to make it look like snow. I used the Jessie's ABC for the sentiment and And I also stamped Happy Valentines Day in the inside using the My Silly Valentine set. (Forgot to take a pic of that! ) :)

Have a Blessed day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monster Card

Hey! I had a little update for those of you who know about my throat issue I have been having the last couple of months. I went to the dentist today and he took out the metal post, he is going to leave it out for 4 weeks and see if the throat issue gets better. I am a little nervous for the numbing to wear off, because then I will see if it will be any different! But I am believing in Jesus name, that it is going to be healed! Amen! :)

Ok, on to the card! :) Here is another card I made for the Card's for St. Jude's. Go here for all the information about the card Drive. And go here for all the Sponsor & Prize information. My daughter helped me on the sentiment, and I LOVE it! :) The image is from Squigglefly, the name of it is Monster Mania: Spike. It's not the best coloring in the world! I actually got some new Neenah white cardstock and it is suppose to be really good for coloring, so I can't wait to try it out. But I love the sentiment and I think the kids will too! Maybe they will look at monsters different! :)
I added glossy accents to his eyes. (Love that stuff!)You can see it a little better here.

Well that's it for today. I have been working on some projects for a friend. She just started a Party Planning business, so I have been making the party invitations and some other fun stuff! I hope to share those soon.

Have a Blessed day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I've gone bananas for you! card & A Sponsor & Prize Page

Hey everybody! I have been getting alot of help from all the sponsors. Thanks SO much! I made a page just for Sponsors and Prizes. Go here to see them.

I also wanted to post another card I made for the Card Drive. I can't get enough of this Lawn Fawn stamp set My Silly Valentine! :)
I made a "patterned paper" with the bananas! :)

Have a Blessed night!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chace's Baptism at the Creek

Hey everybody! I wanted to share some very special pictures today! First of all today was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Texas! A Great day for a Baptism! Although it was in the 60's today, the water was about 45*! :) But my little man said he didn't care...he wanted to be baptized in the creek!
We bought 42 acres about 3 yrs ago, so we could build a new house on it and a creek runs right through it. We have already cleared alot of trees and started digging a catfish pond, making a new driveway, and putting the dirt on our new home site. But through the 3 yrs of owning it, we have spent lots of time out there, camping, swimming, hunting, and dreaming of living out there in our new home! Chace LOVES it out there, so we knew that he would want to be baptized there too. The place where Chance baptized him, is the same place we would swim on HOT Texas Summer days (before the last Hurricane knocked the rope swing tree in the creek, but that will be out of there soon, so we can swim out there again this Summer!) :)
So here is a glimpse of our Amazing day today!

The shirt says it ALL!
This pic is so sweet! Daddy had to preach before he got in the cold water! :)Here they are on their way to the COLD water! :)
I really LOVE this picture! It really shows the Love Chance has for his son and his passion for Christ! Here he is getting Baptized in Jesus name! And lets just say...they were out of there QUICK! :)Here is my Mom and a family friend there to watch.More family and friends there to rejoice with us! Thank you all for the sweet comments and support for my sweet little man's decision in Christ! We are so proud and happy for him! Jesus is SO good! :)

Have a Blessed night!